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Field Trip Notification for School Staff

Attention SFUSD Teachers and Staff

A significant amount of meals are thrown away every month when Student Nutrition Services is not informed about field trips.  It is wasteful and costly to the District.

Summer School

If field trip bag lunches are needed for your summer program, please contact your dining staff in the cafeteria.

If you have any questions regarding Summer School, please email Thank you!

Regular School Year

(NOTE: Online Bag Lunch Form is not used during the summer and is being revised for new the school year.)

When you have field trip scheduled, please complete this FORM as a way to notify Student Nutrition Services.  Following this procedure helps reduce food waste in the cafeteria! Dining staff can order fewer meals if they know classes will be away.

In compliance with the State meal mandate, schools are required to offer students a bag lunch, especially for students who qualify for free/reduced-priced (F/R) meals.  We cannot ask students eligible for F/R meals to bring a lunch on field trip days.

Futhermore, students not qualified for F/R meals must pay for bag lunches.  If a teacher picks up bag lunches for a class, those students who are not eligible for F/R meals will have a lunch debited or charged to the students accounts.

Step by step guide:


Need assistance? Please call 415-749-3604 or email