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Nutrient Info & Special Dietary Needs

All Federal Meal Program sponsors are required to serve meals at no extra charge to children whose disabilities restrict their diets (7CFR 15b 26 {d}.

Milk Substitution

New! Parents and guardians can now request a substitute for dairy milk. This is intended for students that cannot drink dairy milk due to lactose intolerance or an allergy. We offer soy milk or Lactaid brand, lactose-free milk. Please complete the attached form (English , español中文) and submit to Student Nutrition services via fax or email: (415) 749-3618,

Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Student Nutrition Services does not serve any items with peanuts or tree nuts.  However, we do bring in products and fresh baked goods that may be produced in facilities that handle and process nuts, so we cannot guarantee that meals are completely free of traces of nuts, or nut residue.

Food Substitutions for Religous Requirements

Student Nutrition Services does not make individual accommodations because of religious reasons. However, we design a menu with various, kid-friendly choices that serve the diversity of our students. No pork is served on the menu.

Food Substitutions for Food Allergies & Disabilities

Special meal accommodation can be made for medical reasons (eg food allergies, intolerances, and/or disabilities that limit one or more major life activities). Request must be supported by a medical statement that includes the physical or mental impairment, foods to be omitted, and the recommended alternate foods by a recognized medical authority (eg physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner).

Resources: Please submit the form to Student Nutrition Services via fax (415) 749-3618 or

Allergen & Nutritional Reports (RevFoods)

Please see the Allergen Report from Revolution Foods to find out which meals contain certain allergens. To read the report, first locate the menu item you are checking. Then, follow the row across to the “Allergens” section. If there is an “x” in the box of the allergen you are checking for, this item contains that allergen. If the box is blank, the item does not contain that allergen.

July -  Allergen Report  


Allergen & Nutritional Reports (ReFresh)

At selected secondary schools, daily lunch and supper specials are prepared in-house.


Middle School

High School -