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Nutrition News

Student Nutrition Services News

A Guide for Principals

This update includes a student nutrition wellness policy checklist for principals to help ensure schools are complying with the Board’s Wellness Policy, provides information about our vision to reform the school food experience, and highlights our work to serve our students three meals a day at school.

Field Trips

Bag lunch requests must be made 10 school days in advance of each field trip. 

Nutrition Standards

SFUSD’s menu met the standards of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act a year before these new standards were required.  SNS believes that students everywhere should have access to real, freshly prepared foods. Our students look to us to provide the support they need for a healthy future because better food means better students.

Vision For A New Lunchroom

Over the past decade many steps have been taken to improve our SFUSD food systems, including aligning around the highest nutritional standards in the nation and making a bold commitment to feed every hungry child. Since January 2013, fresher meals are being served through a new partnership with Revolution Foods. Still, we are faced with a number of challenges including low student participation, inadequate kitchen and cafeteria facilities, financial deficit and a problematic dining experience, such as long lines and limited space.

In spring 2013, we began a five-month collaboration with the innovation firm IDEO to rethink our school food system including the spaces, technology, operations, and dining experience. Specifically, we focused on creating a vision for a student-centered, financially-stable system that engages kids in eating good food. Over 1,300 students, parents, nutrition staff, principals, teachers, administrators, and community partners were involved in this process.

Watch an inspiring video documenting some of the work around creating a student-centered meal program:

Meet Today's SFUSD Student video

For more details: