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May 5th is School Lunch Hero Day!  Student Nutrition Services provides 33,500 meals per day at 115 schools.  This cannot be done without the hard-working dining staff.  We thank them for their dedication and service!

Show appreciation for the dining staff at your school using the suggestions provided here.


2016-17 Meal Application Forms are here


Thank you for another year of support completing the 2016-17 Meal Application!


The Meal Application is available online in 7 languages. Click the button below to start your application today.



Meal benefits from last school year will expire 30 school days after the start of school year. Apply by September 16th to avoid automatic paid status after that date.


Meal Applications are helpful, important tools for our students and families, as well as SFUSD. By submitting a Meal Application:

  • Students can access up to 3 nutritious meals per day, and qualify for free or reduced price meals.
  • Families eligible for the meal benefits can also qualify for other programs.
  • SFUSD receives more federal, local, and private grant funding, which is based on the total number of eligible Meal Application Forms collected.

Please help us reach our goal of collecting 100% of forms this year!

Students at 54 SFUSD schools can eat breakfast and lunch at no charge


During the 2016-17 school year, 54 schools will participate as Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) sites. Students at these schools are able to eat one breakfast and one lunch each day at no charge, regardless of individual eligibility for school meals.

Students attending CEP schools will fill out a Confidential Family Survey in place of the annual Meal Application. Surveys are distributed through each school.

Visit our Community Eligibility Provision page to learn more!


In light of recent concerns regarding the presence of BPA in school food, SFUSD is proud to share that we offer students BPA-free meals. Both SFUSD and our partners at Revolution Foods are committed to sourcing not only high-quality ingredients, but also packaging in our mission to provide SFUSD students nutritious and delicious meals.