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Lau Action Plan

Lau Action Plan for English Learners

Since the Lau v. Nichols case over 40 years ago, SFUSD has had a Lau Action Plan for providing English Learners with programs and services to academically succeed. Aligned with the district’s strategic goals for all SFUSD students, the plan ensures that English Learners acquire high levels of English and home language proficiency (whenever available), academic achievement, and skills that will lead to success in the 21st century.

The Lau Action Plan includes guidelines on:

  • proper identification and placement of English Learners;
  • access  to  effective  learning  pathways  and  specialized  programs  and services;
  • appropriate staffing and professional development;
  • meaningful parent/guardian communications, outreach and engagement; and
  • monitoring and reporting of programs and services.

Download the 2015 Lau Modified Consent Decree