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Indian Education Program, Title VII

The Indian Education Program, Title VII supports the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian/Alaskan Native students in the San Francisco Unified School District.

The new Indian Education Center is located at Sanchez Elementary School, 325 Sanchez Street, B2, San Francisco, CA.

Services Offered

All events, workshops, and Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings are held at Sanchez Elementary School, unless noted otherwise.

325 Sanchez Street, B2
San Francisco, CA

Academic Support for K-12

To help students connect with district & school resources to support their academic success.

Monthly Family Night

A time to connect with community and learn about history, culture, science, art & more. Hands-on learning Monthly Family Night takes place every 3rd Friday of the month.

Tutoring Available

Free tutoring available. Please call for more details.

Resources, Curricula and More!

Access to Native American materials, CDs, movies, and books are available for check-out to community members & teachers by appointment.

Annual Events

Wisdom Moving Forward Cultural Event is an end-of-the-year event that celebrates our youth’s achievements & accomplishments with the help of our elders. This event is held once a year in May and is open to families and friends of the Indian Education Program, Title VII. 

Summer Science Program is a week-long program held at the end of the academic year. This hands-on program explores science through field trip outings and activities. Space is limited.  

Working with the Community

The Indian Education Program, Title VII works in collaboration with other Native American community agencies to support the youth and their families:

We Value Your Input

We are here to support your children and their educational success. Please feel free to contact the program coordinator if you have any questions or concerns regarding your children’s academic or cultural needs. Your input is valued and important.

Paloma Flores
Program Coordinator


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the program?

All American Indian and Alaskan Native students enrolled in the San Francisco Unified School District are eligible to participate in the Indian Education Program once a 506 form is completed.

What is a 506 form?

The 506 form is an official, federal document from the Office of Indian Education used to enroll students in the Indian Education Program.

Why should I fill out a 506 form?

Every completed 506 form helps support the Indian Education Program in meeting the unique academic and cultural needs of American Indian/Alaskan Native students in the district. Each year the program’s funding is determined by the number of valid 506 forms submitted.

Have you turned in your 506 form yet?

Get Involved—Join PAC!

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group thats help determine the Indian Education Program’s goals and advises on the distribution of funds for the program services provided. Monthly PAC meetings. Please call for details about when the meetings are scheduled

For more information, please visit:


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