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Special education is instruction specifically designed to address the educational and related developmental needs of children with disabilities.

This includes early intervention services for infants and toddlers, pre-school for students starting at age three, services for school age children in grades K-12, and transition services for eligible students up to age 22.

For students with Individual Education Plans, instruction is based on the core curriculum. The IEP team documents modifications and/or accommodations/ adaptations, teaching strategies, as well as other support systems that may help the student.

SFUSD Special Education Contact List

Want to know which Special Education supervisor and/or coordinator is associated with your school? Look no further! 

Special Education Contact List

SFUSD Special Education Enrollment Guide

This guide is designed to assist parents/guardians of children with special education needs through the enrollment process for the 2013-14 school year. Download the Special Education Enrollment Guide.


Does Your Child Need Help?

Special Education Assessment Information

Does your child need Special Education or Assessment for Special Education?

All children develop at different rates and in different ways. If you think that your child may have a disability, click here for more information.

The Parent Guide to Special Education

I think my child may need special help in school.

What do I do?
What is special education?
How do I find out if my child is eligible for special education?

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Surrogate Parents

Special Children Need Special Advocates 

The San Francisco Unified School District is actively recruiting volunteers to make a difference in the education of special needs children.

You can help!

Download this application and return it to:

Surrogate Parents  

NEW! Special Education Services moved July 1st, 2014

SFUSD Special Education Services

3045 Santiago Street
San Francisco, CA. 94116

FAX 415-242-2528
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