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photo of five graduates with cap and gown and diplomas


Truancy Affects All of Us

Studies show that 75 percent of all chronically truant high school students eventually drop out all together — and that alarming fact affects all of us. Those without a diploma earn significantly less income during their lifetime, and many turn to crime. Students who drop out represent $46.4 billion in total economic losses to California. But more than that, it represents a tragic loss in young people’s life potential.

As a way of resolving this problem, the City of San Francisco initiated a truancy intervention program to take aim at the reasons nearly 5,000 students skip school each day. The program strives to prevent habitual and chronic truancy and restore the student’s path to graduation.

The Truancy Assessment & Resource Center (TARC) mobilizes the combined resources of the Mayor’s office, the San Francisco Unified School District, Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, Urban Services YMCA, community-based organizations, the San Francisco Police Department, Huckleberry Youth Programs and the District Attorney’s office towards helping youth stay in school until graduation.

The TARC Center

  • Consolidates Truancy Intervention Resources into a “one-stop” location here students and their families can receive assistance from a variety of City agencies and departments, all working collaboratively.
  • Addresses Individual Psycho-social and Academic Needs to keep students on track towards completing school.
  • Engages Students for Re-introduction to the classroom.
  • Offers Referral Services to community-based organizations that may support in the truancy prevention action plan.
  • Provides Follow-up for tracking students’ progress.
  • Utilizes Legal Resources to address chronic truants.