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Featured Rave Nominations

RAVE winner Tammy Yan with Board President, principal Gloria Choy and superintendent

Tammy Yan, Resource Specialist Program Teacher - Gordon J. Lau Elementary School - Special Service Award Winner for May 2018

"A positive quality that makes [Tammy] exceptional as an RSP teacher is her kindness towards our students, even when some behave aggressively towards her. She is calm and supportive, especially when students are challenging and don’t listen. She is respectful and will never discuss issues or concerns about any student or staff members with others. As a staff member, she is hardworking, thoughtful, efficient, funny and uplifting when morale is low. She is truly a role model for staff and students, alike." - Nominated 01/2018

RAVE Winner Rachael Spillard with Susan Saunders, Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell and Vince Matthews

Rachael Spillard, Science Teacher and Department Chair - George Washington High School - Distinguished Service Award Winner for April 2018

"Rachael is not only a dynamic and dedicated classroom teacher, she is also our department chair who goes above and beyond to support us in our work as teachers. Whether it's taking care of the budget, organizing haz-mat pick ups, or advocating for science with administration, Rachael takes care of the details of running the department so we can focus on our classrooms. On top of that, she is highly involved with activities on campus from social committee to robotics club - Rachael really does it all!" - Nominated 05/2017

RAVE winner William Patterson and others

Featured: Alice Lin-Tay, School Secretary - Tenderloin Community School - Distinguished Service Award Winner for March 2018

"Some of the positive qualities that distinguish Alice's work are her kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration of others, and 'can do' attitude. Alice treats all families, students, and staff with respect. As busy as she is, she takes the time to do nice things for others. On the Friday before school started, when teachers were busily setting up their classrooms, Alice made an announcement that there was food in the staff lounge if anyone was interested. Tenderloin serves vulnerable families, and takes the time to support and assist them." - Nominated 08/2017


RAVE winner William Patterson and others

Featured: William Patterson, Special Education Teacher - Ruth Asawa School of the Arts - Special Service Award Winner for February 2018

"Will is consistently advocating and planning for our students. He is proactive about keeping his students engaged in their classes and working with teachers to find ways to better support his students. His discussions in IEP meetings are never just about getting the student through the individual issues they might be facing at that moment, but always looking to prepare them for a fulfilling life after they leave SOTA." - Nominated 02/2017


RAVE winner Roberto Hernandez with Tyler Woods, Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell and Vincent Matthews

Featured: Roberto Hernandez, 4th + 5th Grade Teacher - Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School - Special Service Award Winner for January 2018

"He teaches them to be excellent learners and also to be thoughtful young people committed to social justice. He does this by motivating each student by his own deep enthusiasm for learning and for doing what is right. My daughter once told me "Mr. H. doesn't treat us like little children. He respects us and that makes us want to do even better". - Nominated 01/2017


Featured: Catalina Pajar, Executive Assistant - Leadership, Equity, Acheivement, & Design (LEAD)

"She helps orchestrate our homeless program at SAC, and she helped a lot at our youth summit. A lot of the behind the scenes work is done by Catalina - getting food for our meetings, ordering materials, and much more. When she left on a vacation, I was stuck and felt a thousand times more stressed. Catalina keeps the wheels moving, and keeps everyone productive." - Nominated 06/2017