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2016-17 Mayor's Teacher and Principal of the Year Awards

Mayor's Teacher and Principal of the Year AwardThe Mayor's Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year Awards are annual awards that recognize exceptional San Francisco public school teachers and principals for their dedication, professionalism and work on behalf of our City's young people. The five teacher awardees and four principal awardees were selected based on their outstanding ability to promote innovative learning, accountability, and equity and access in the classroom and school site.

2016-17 Mayor's Teacher of the Year Awardees

Daisy Chan, Noriega Early Education School

Daisy ChanDaisy, a first-generation Chinese American, earned her bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University. She has been teaching preschool for over twenty years and is currently an English/Cantonese dual-language teacher at Noriega Early Education School. Prior to joining Noriega, Daisy taught at Grattan Child Development and Theresa S. Mahler Early Education School. Daisy enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling for leisure, and spending time with her family and friends.


Antoinette Thornton Street, second grade, El Dorado Elementary School

Antoinette Nikki Thornton StreetAntoinette Nikki Thornton Street, a South Carolina native, has taught second grade for the past 10 years at El Dorado Elementary School. She believes "it takes a village" and that relationships and listening are at the center of creating quality and equitable learning experiences. Nikki loves reading and, four years ago, created a summer program to decrease summer reading loss for students. Nikki strives to co-create academically and emotionally safe learning environments so that all students have a space to be heard, take risks and thrive.

Marna Wolak, fifth grade, Sanchez Elementary School

Marna WolakMarna is a National Board Certified, fifth grade bilingual (Spanish) teacher at Sanchez Elementary School. She has taught for 21 years, serving predominately Latino/a youth and families of East Oakland and San Francisco. Marna is deeply concerned about the housing crisis, which is driving many of the families she has served out of the city. Marna holds a master’s degree in instructional leadership and has worked on various school improvement initiatives at her school sites and across the district. Two years ago, she had the privilege of spending three months visiting schools and community organizations in Palestine in order to complete an inquiry project. She is tremendously humbled to receive this award and does so in honor of the colleagues, students and families who have taught her so much over the years.

Betty Momjian, sixth grade, math and science, A.P. Giannini Middle School

Betty MomjianBetty Momjian has been with A.P. Giannini Middle School since 2006 as a sixth grade math and science teacher. One of her greatest joys has been to use restorative practices as a means to reduce conflicts between students and adults. She has attended many districtwide events presenting on the subject, helping SFUSD and A.P. Giannini move away from punitive measures as a more lasting and effective way to resolve conflict. Academically, Betty has been a champion of Common Core Math and tries to get her students passionate about learning math as it relates to the real world. This year, she is piloting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). She is excited to teach science by having students conduct labs and explore while making the connections to math and engineering. Betty has also been fortunate to work alongside administrators, colleagues and parents in witnessing the growth within each child during each school year. Betty became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2014, is currently a BTSA mentor and is working with a teacher resident in her classroom.

Kenneth Gonzalez, 11th and 12th grades, Balboa High School

Kenneth GonzalezKenneth Gonzalez is in his 21st year of teaching English at Balboa High School. A Bay Area native of Mexican, Irish and English heritage, Ken grew up in Richmond, the son of two lifelong teachers. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 1995 and a master’s degree in secondary education in 1996, both from Stanford University. Ken joined Balboa’s faculty as an English and English learner teacher after graduating. He cofounded the Wilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative (WALC) Club in 1998 and was instrumental in transforming the club into an academic pathway integrating environmental science and ethnic studies in 2000. He has served as Balboa’s English Language Arts department head since 2003. In 2010, Ken cofounded the Peers United for Leadership, Service & Equity (PULSE) academic pathway as Balboa expanded its pathway program, working to fill a need for a focus on social justice and leadership. He currently teaches juniors and seniors in WALC and seniors in PULSE, working with two incredibly dedicated, brilliant and inspirational cohorts of teachers.

2016-17 Mayor's Principal of the Year Awardees

Jane Mancina, Junipero Serra Annex Early Education School and Zaida T. Rodriguez Early Education School

Jane MancinaJane has served as a principal for the past 11 years. Prior to her current position, she worked as a lead early educator, director and literacy mentor at various San Francisco child development centers. Jane is highly knowledgeable in early education and passionate about the emotional well being and learning environments of her children and their families. She has advocated for A Living Library, an educational project centered on promoting ecological awareness.


Anastasia Shattner, Tenderloin Community Elementary School

Anastasia ShattnerAnastasia, an educator for over 30 years, has created a learning community in which all members work together to foster academic excellence. She focuses on building critical thinkers through an integrated, hands-on curriculum while fostering the joy of learning. She is tireless in her efforts to address and mitigate barriers to achievement for the 93% of her students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Anastasia has developed partnerships that have resulted in her school becoming a hub for dental care, health and social services. Whenever students at her school see her, they give her a hug or high five.

Jason Hannon, Aptos Middle School

Jason HannonJason is a San Francisco native and graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School. After earning his B.A. in community studies from the UC Santa Cruz, Jason embarked on his journey as an urban public school educator when he returned to Lincoln to serve as a special education paraprofessional aide and assistant wrestling coach. Twelve years later, Jason has ascended the ranks in his hometown, having served as a special education teacher at Ida B. Wells Continuation High School and as assistant principal and now principal of Aptos Middle School. A lifelong martial artist, Jason has continued his studies and teachings in jiujitsu and recently cofounded the San Francisco Police Activities League's inaugural jiujitsu program, through which he voluntarily coaches youth from across the city.

Ellen Wong, Downtown High School

Ellen WongEllen Wong has been principal at Downtown High School (DHS) for the last five years. Ellen first entered Downtown High School as a concerned and anxious parent. She became active in the school as a parent volunteer and was inspired to go back to school. There, she earned a master’s degree in education from San Francisco State University and a teaching credential in vocational education. After serving for several years as a teacher, she stepped into the role of instructional reform facilitator, then became the school's assistant principal before serving as the principal. She is respected and loved by the staff, students and families of DHS. She is woven into the fabric of the school.