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City Arts and Tech High School

School code number: 484
Grade level: Charter School
Hours: -

325 La Grande Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94112
Neighborhood: Visitacion Valley
Phone: 415-841-2200
Fax: 415-585-3009
Principal: Brianna Winn

Discover This School

CAT = College Prep

  • At City Arts & Tech (CAT), we transform our students’ lives by preparing them for success in college and in life. 
  • We provide students with an on-site college advisor, who works with students all four years to make sure that they get into a four-year college/university.
  • Students graduate with the desire and skills to succeed in college and beyond.
  • On average, 95% of each CAT graduating class goes on to enroll in college.

CAT = Safe and Small Community

  • With just over 400 students, CAT has small class sizes and the one-on-one attention that students need to make sure that they do not fall between the cracks.

CAT = Excellent Teachers

  • We actively recruit the best teachers in the Bay Area who believe in their students and are committed to all students’ success.

CAT = Arts and Technology

  • We at CAT successfully utilize our wireless campus, computer labs, digital media and visual arts classes to integrate arts & technology across all curriculum.

CAT = Leadership Skills

  • Our communities, institutions and society do not change without leadership. Through our focus on collaboration and critical thinking, and our required internship experience, CAT students learn valuable leadership and workplace skills.

CAT = Lots of Sports and Activities

  • Because our students work so hard to get prepared for college, we work hard to make sure that they have a fun and memorable high school experience. Extracurricular activities available at CAT include:
    • Clubs: Student Leadership Advisory, Film Club, Yearbook, and anything else students dream up!
    • Sports: Boys: basketball, baseball and soccer. Girls: volleyball, basketball and soccer

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School Day Academic Enrichment

CAT = Strong Academic Programs

  • CAT students know what it takes to be successful in college.  CAT teaches through meaningful, hands-on projects and students are required to “show what they know” in portfolio presentations, leaving them ready and inspired to graduate and succeed in college.