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International Studies Academy at Enola Maxwell

School code number: 624
Grade level: 9-12
Hours: 8:15 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.

655 De Haro Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107
Neighborhood: Potrero Hill
Phone: 415-695-5866
Fax: 415-695-5864
School Loop:
Principal: Darlene Martin

School Data

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    Cafeteria Gym School library

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    International Studies Academy, part of the Small Schools by Design Initiative, located on Potrero Hill and overlooking downtown San Francisco, is a small, academic high school drawing on the diversity of neighborhoods throughout the city. International Studies Academy is the ideal choice for students who want to excel in their understanding of languages, world cultures, and global issues. Our vision is to produce global citizens with the essential academic and life skills to be successful contributors to a world wide economy for the next generation.

    Students should be working at grade level in their middle school classes or be willing to make an extra academic effort to enable them to participate fully in our specialized programs. International Studies Academy maintains high academic standards and requires specific course work beyond the SFUSD requirements, including 2 years of a world language, 3 years of college prep science and math, and international relations. We believe that all students come to International Studies Academy with natural talents, skills and knowledge that are valued as assets in our community—a community defined by respect for culture, history, diversity and equity. We strive to empower students to access their education, and challenge the community to question beliefs and practices that reinforce the historic power of demographics. In an effort to make college an attainable goal for our students, ISA collaborates with Seven Tepees' college readiness program and San Francisco State to provide the support necessary for access to two and four year colleges and other training programs. In addition, we provide students with opportunities to participate in community service and leadership programs such as CORO and Build On! Student activity groups such as Black Student Union, Gay Straight Alliance and Gifted and Talented Education (GATE ) are a formal part of our seminar program. A special feature of the school is the World Expedition Program. The Student Equity and Access Team works to address issues of school culture, climate, and discipline. The Instructional Leadership Team addresses academic policy, teaching practice, curriculum, and professional development. We encourage students to be curious, open, and informed and to feel supported through positive relationships with staff and other students. We place high value on each student's ongoing intellectual and creative growth and skill-building, and on empowering students to succeed in a broader global community.

    School Tours

    Tuesday at 9:15 a.m. from October until April.


    Students shall dress appropriately for daily attendance at school.

    Before-School Programs

    School doors open at 7:30am

    Afterschool Programs

    International Studies Academy High School Afterschool Program (ExCEL Program) is available to all students. (415) 561-0631. Mon-Fri, 3:20pm-6pm, Grades 9-12

    Urban Sprouts Gardening Program
    The Future Project

    Special Education Programs

    • Designated instructional services
    • Resource specialist program
    • Mild/moderate separate classes

    Language Programs

    English Plus Pathway

    Student Support Programs

    ISA supports all students in the school.  Students with IEPs, English Language Learners are students we will support during class and through after school.

    Overall, our school operates on the following 9th to 12th grade sequence:
    9th grade: Discovery of Self
    10th grade: Discovery of Nation
    11th grade: Discovery of World
    *12th grade: Agency
    *All 12th grade students will have the opportunity to take college level classes through CCSF during their senior year.

    This sequence is supported by our four Design Principles:
    Student-centered learning: Students’ academic mastery comes from a process of discovery, engagement, and their own interests. Teachers coach and support our students to learn through experience and project-based learning.

    Mindset for success: Students have the growth mindset, interpersonal skills, and agency to set them up for success in the 21st century. We take risks and are not afraid to learn from our mistakes or failures.

    Community connections: Students are engaged members of our communities. We celebrate and value the various communities we are part of locally and globally.

    Safe & Supportive: ISA is a safe place where students, staff, and families identify and address the needs of our students. We commit resources, time, and intention to building strong ongoing relationships. We trust and support one another to overcome personal challenges, such as trauma, in the pursuit of success.


    Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Softball

    Arts and Enrichment

    Music, Visual Art, Digital Art

    School Day Academic Enrichment

    English Support Classes, Math Support Classes, College Advising, Wellness Center, Study Skills, Ethnic Studies, The Future Project, buildOn, Little Kids Rock


    Engineering Buildings and Construction

    College Counseling/Support Programs

    College Counseling, After School Program, Wellness Center


    WASC Accredited
    Recognized as an excellent Restorative Practices School


    buildOn - International travel and Service
    The Future Project - Student Voice initiative
    GSA - Gay/Straight Alliance
    MMAP - Music Mural and Arts
    Soccer Club

    buildOn –

    Additional Info

    Advanced Placement courses in statistics, biology, chemistry, English, Spanish, and US history.

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