Commissioner Alison M. Collins


Commissioner Alison M. CollinsAlison Collins was elected SF Board of Education in November, 2018. She is an experienced educator and community organizer working for education equity in San Francisco for more than 20 years. As a former high school English teacher and instructional coach, her accomplishments include strategic planning of the “A-G for all” high school graduation initiative for Oakland Unified School District, authoring a successful grant for SFUSD and United Way Bay Area to engage parents of college-going students, and supporting families in organize for over $1 Million to redesign their Bayview school.

Collins is committed to giving back to the public education system that helped her mother rise out of poverty, and helped her father become one of the first Black professors at UCLA. She is cofounder if the SF Families Union, Parent advocacy organization committed to fighting for equitable and inclusive schools. She is also the author of a blog, SF Public School Mom, focused on race, parenting and education. She holds a masters degree in education from San Francisco State University. Collins lives in San Francisco with her husband and their twin daughters. Both children attend SFUSD schools.