Grateful for Our School Nurses

Grateful for Our School Nurses

Published on May 10, 2023
SFUSD school nurses

National School Nurse Day is May 10, 2023. To celebrate, we want to take a moment to spotlight our nurses in SFUSD and express our heartfelt appreciation for the incredible work they do.

Most SFUSD schools have an on-site school district nurse, two to five days per week, to provide students and families with direct services and linkages to community health services and programs. SFUSD schools also have access to Central Nurses who can assist with hearing and vision screening, care planning, and staff training.

All schools, families and students have access to the Nurse of the Day, a school district nurse who is available by phone from 9:00am to 4:00 pm to address school health-related questions and concerns.

School nurses are true superheroes, tirelessly caring for our students' health and well-being day in and day out, from managing the return to school from the COVID pandemic to supporting our immunization compliance efforts. Their presence in our schools brings comfort and assurance to students, parents, and staff alike. Their kindness, expertise, and compassion make a real difference in the lives of our students, especially during these challenging times. Whether it's comforting a student who isn't feeling well, providing crucial medical care, or educating our community on health and wellness, they go above and beyond with unwavering dedication.  

Take a moment this week to share your appreciations and wish your favorite school nurse(s) a Happy National School Nurse Day!

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