About This Website

SFUSD's New Website

Thank you for visiting our redesigned website! This page highlights some of the things we are excited about with the launch of this redesign and the ways in which we know it still needs to improve.

It works for everyone

The site meets federal standards for accessibility and readability. It can be viewed on mobile devices.  Translation is available in the district’s six major languages using the “select language” drop down on the upper left corner of any page. 

It's designed to be used 

Our new website makes it easier for you to get information with the fewest possible steps. The modern, fresh design is less cluttered so people can find what they are looking for. Content is organized by topic with a special focus on your most frequently searched information. Be sure to check out the “Information for” links near the top and bottom of each page.

More unified: One District, One Website. 

We've started bringing all school and department information under this one site to give you a consistent and streamlined experience. Our clean design is distinctive, but also flexible for a wide variety of content. All SFUSD schools and departments will be on the same community website technology platform by August 2020. Once all content is migrated and updated, the better the experience will be for our staff and community.

More features

Some features we hope you will appreciate include search, school search, and common information on all school pages. Employees are also excited about single sign-in to our employee content using their SFUSD Google accounts. We are continuing to develop new features and functionality based on your feedback.

A work in progress 

We’re not finished building the new site. This means that:

  • You will see old and new pages linking to each other for some time.

  • There is still a lot of important content that is missing or in development. We're going to keep working with schools and departments to make our content better and move it to this website so that it's easier for you to find.

  • We are continuing to develop features and fix occasional bugs based on your feedback. We want this website to work for you.

We recognize the new site will take some getting used to. Here are some tips: 

  • We encourage you to use the search function. The search bar is located near the main menus on all pages.

  • Employees can log in to see employee-only content by signing in with their SFUSD Google account.

  • Some links will take you to other sites.

    • Use your device’s back arrow to navigate back to your previously visited website page.

    • If you prefer to open links in another tab, right-click the link and select “Open link in new tab.”

Don’t hesitate to share any and all feedback you have! Find a link on the top of every web page to share feedback.

This page was last updated on February 3, 2021