Get the updated COVID-19 booster

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The FDA has authorized the updated booster for Moderna for adults 18 years and older and for Pfizer for those 12 years and older. Everyone 12+ who has had their primary series should get the updated booster at least 2 months following any COVID vaccine or booster dose.

The updated boosters are available for everyone aged 12+:

  • Following completion of their primary series, regardless of vaccine product used
  • Regardless of the number of booster doses received
  • And are the only mRNA booster doses that are available to those 12 years and older. Those 12+ are no longer eligible for the current mRNA boosters based only on the original strain of the virus.

The FDA authorized the updated booster after reviewing data showing the booster improved protection against currently circulating variants. The updated booster increases immunity against the newer Omicron variants, which account for most current cases, as well as prior strains. As Omicron variants keep emerging, the updated booster dose is an important tool to protect us as it includes the dominant strains now.