UCSF Mindfulness Study - Participants Wanted!

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Grade Level
High School

Anyone ages 14-18 who is interested in science research, MRI neuroscience, or improving their emotional well-being may find our upcoming study a valuable learning experience!

Drs. Tony Yang with UCSF Psychiatry and Olga Tymofiyeva with UCSF Radiology seek to improve focus and emotional well-being in adolescents while investigating how their brains change using MRI.

Study Requirements 

Participating adolescents will get to undergo a free 12-week training in which they will learn self-regulation skills (breathing, yoga-based movements, meditation) that can help them relax, better regulate emotions, and improve attention.

The group will meet weekly for 1.5 hours via Zoom. Participants will also undergo a 1-hour MRI scan and a computer-based attention test three times: 12 weeks before the training, right before the course begins, and after the course completes. MRI scans will take place at a state-of-the-art UCSF facility at Mission Bay.


Participants who have completed three MRI scans will receive up to $220 in gift cards.

More information

Contact Benjamin Sipes at BrainChange@ucsf.edu

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