It’s National School Lunch Week!

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It's National School Lunch Week! Veggies pictured below

Student Nutrition Services will be celebrating through dining staff recognition, fun activities, and encouraging student meal participation. You can get in on the fun in the classroom too! See some engagement examples below: 

  1. Write a Thank You Card to Dining Staff - SNS Dining staff work to provide food to students every school day. They would LOVE to hear the appreciation from students in the form of a hand drawn card! Feel free to post them in the dining space.
  2. Learn About SNS - Have students visit the SNS website and share with their desk partner or small group 3 things they learned about School Food!
  3. Draw a Dish on the Menu - Use this fun Tamal Coloring Page that celebrates both National School Lunch Week and Latinx Heritage Month! See the Menus to see when Tamales are on the menu. 

Please let us know if you decide to celebrate! We’d love to see photos of any drawings or cards. Send them to our Marketing and Communications Specialist, Kaitlyn Robinson at

See photos of how our team has celebrated National School Lunch Week at a few different schools!


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