Grade 12 Return to In-Person Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be returning to in-person in the 12th grade?

SFUSD is offering in-person learning opportunities to students in the 12th grade who wish to return and have completed their Grade 12 In-Person Interest Survey by 5 p.m. on May 10. These students are not in the focal populations who have already been invited to in-person learning. 

What is the purpose and intent of reopening in-person opportunities to Grade 12 students?

SFUSD is working on more opportunities for high school seniors who are celebrating this milestone in life to come together in the last weeks of school. We want to offer an opportunity to take courses on campus and connect with other seniors before the end of the school year, including time for college and career assistance, tutoring/study hall, and/or wellness support. 

These opportunities will be offered to students who replied "yes" on the in-person survey sent to seniors and their families. It only applies to activities that are offered for a few weeks before graduation. These in-person activities are not related to in-person graduation ceremonies.

What would in-person activities look like for 12th-grade students?

It is likely that students will have limited days of the week and times to participate (e.g., 1 to 3 days per week in person for the remainder of the school year). Activities may be hosted at high school host sites, not necessarily a students regular school site, and will be supervised by adult staff from various schools across SFUSD. Social distancing and health and safety guidelines will be enforced. These activities will begin for some students on Friday, May 14.

What if I didn't respond to the survey and want to come back?

Given how close we are to graduation, these opportunities will only be available to students who replied "yes" on the in-person survey. The survey is now closed.

Can students or families who said "yes" to in person change their minds? If so, how?

We understand that circumstances change. Students or families may decide at any time to withdraw their choice to return to in-person activities and continue distance learning. 

What health and safety protocols will be in place at school sites?

We invite you to learn more about the safety protocols SFUSD has established and what will be expected of students and staff when their school reopens. These include the following:

  • Promoting behaviors that reduce spread (e.g., staying home when sick, daily health screenings, getting tested when recommended, physical distancing, washing hands and wearing face coverings) 
  • Maintaining healthy environments (e.g., ensuring proper ventilation, regular testing, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces)  
  • Maintaining healthy operations (e.g., staggering schedules, keeping students in small groups)
  • Preparing for when someone gets sick (e.g., contact tracing, notifications)

When will I hear back about my student's placement?

On May 10, SFUSD called and emailed 565 families of 12th-grade students who indicated that they were interested in returning to in-person activities to confirm their registration. Students and families will hear directly from schools about scheduled activities and placement information no later than Thursday morning, May 13.

Why is this opportunity available now?

We have intentionally scheduled a staggered rollout of our return to in-person learning—we started with 36 schools the week of April 12, adding 51 school sites the following week and growing to a total of 113 of our SFUSD schools by the last week of April. This gradual rollout enabled us to both provide intensive support to our schools as they brought students back into classrooms after a year of distance learning and to learn along the way. The staff capacity component was our greatest concern as we have contemplated returning a single secondary grade for in-person learning. Once we reopened to our focal student populations in middle and high schools on April 26, we were able to assess what was possible for reopening a full grade level.

Does this qualify under the State's definition as in-person instruction?

Yes. Pursuant to EC Section 43520.5, in-person instruction means instruction under the immediate physical supervision and control of a certificated employee of the LEA while engaged in educational activities required of the pupil. For the purposes of the IPI and ELO Grants, pursuant to EC Section 43504(b), in-person instruction may include hybrid models offering fewer than five days per week of in-person instruction, provided that the LEA is offering in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible.

What is SFUSD doing to address staffing challenges?

As we’ve transitioned to in-person learning, there has been some uncertainty about how many staff will be ready to return to work in person with students this spring. In addition to our classroom teachers, SFUSD continues to deploy substitutes and central office staff to sustain the in-person learning through the end of the school year given the number of staff who have received accomodations in order to continue to work remotely.  

Why is in-person not happening every day for seniors who want to return?

Returning students will participate in a hybrid schedule beginning May 14 and most will participate in at least three days of in-person learning before the school year ends on June 2. Scheduling considerations included staffing constraints –– high school teachers are also teaching remote students and nearly half of all student survey respondents chose to stay in distance learning. In addition to staffing, school staff considered planned end-of-year activities, including graduations and final exams. Seniors need to focus on successfully completing their final exams and turning in all of their assignments to graduate.