Return to In-Person Learning for Middle and High School Students in Priority Populations

Middle and High School Return to In-Person Learning FAQs

On April 26, middle and high schools will reopen for in-person learning for priority populations.

Priority populations are newcomer students, students demonstrating limited online engagement, homeless students, foster youth, students in public housing, and Moderate/Severe Special Day Class students in grades 6-13.

How are in-person placements determined for middle and high school return to in-person learning?

In-person placements were determined by family survey responses and direct outreach from school sites to families who did not respond to the survey.

How will middle and high school families know if their child/student will be returning to in-person learning?

Families with students who are returning to in-person learning were notified via SMS and autodial and will receive more specific placement information from EPC starting April 19. Placement letters will be available in ParentVUE, and a hard copy was be mailed to families on April 19. Families can log onto ParenVUE to review their placement packets, which includes important forms, information on attending a mandatory orientation, and how to prepare for return to in-person learning. Families who do not have an email on file will receive their placement packet information along with their placement letter in the mail.

Where can families find information about their school schedules?

Each school site will be providing schedule information during the mandatory orientation. Families should contact their school to get information on start and end times. Middle school and high school schedules are available for general education and SDC classes.

My placement packet indicates that my child/student is being assigned to a different school than the one that they are enrolled. What should I do?

There is no action required. This is a temporary co-location for the Spring 2021 semester to address facilities constraints, in order to comply with health and safety standards mandated by public health guidance and agreements with our labor partners. The student is still enrolled in their homeschool (the school that they are enrolled in), which is temporarily sharing facilities with another nearby school for the remainder of the Spring semester.

Which schools are affected by the need for co-location?

Access - The Arc Mission HS 3750 18th Street
Access - Bay Street Galileo HS 1150 Francisco Street
Hoover MS Lincoln HS 2162 24th Avenue
James Lick MS Mission HS 3750 18th Street
Marina MS Galileo HS 1150 Francisco Street
Marshall HS Burton HS 400 Mansell Street
MLK Jr. MS Burton HS 400 Mansell Street
Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Lincoln HS 2162 24th Avenue
The Academy Lincoln HS 2162 24th Avenue
Willie Brown MS Burton HS 400 Mansell Street

Should I contact my home school or host school if my child is at a colocated site when I have a question

If you have a question regarding your child, you should still get in touch with the school in which your child is enrolled or raise questions during the mandatory orientation.

Why are schedules different for different students at the same school?

In order to meet the Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) minutes of all students on IEP’s returning to in person learning, class and bus schedules provide for a longer school day than was offered prior. The schedules are designed to maximize the opportunities for (online) interaction with general education peers. Necessary adjustments will be made at the site level on a case by case basis.