Return to In-Person Learning Instruction and Schedules Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instruction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated March 30, 2021

What instructional schedule should I expect? How was it developed?

Our goal has been to offer return to in person schedules that MAXIMIZE in-person instruction for students and to maintain as much consistency as possible for all of our students by welcoming students back to the school in which they are enrolled, for those who return to sites, and maintaining relationships with their same teachers to the greatest extent possible.

We know that schools are a place of belonging for many students and families. Relationships matter, and connection through authentic partnership is an important factor in student learning. A “home school” approach, where students are able to return to schools at which they are currently enrolled, means students return to a place of familiarity and to teachers and staff who they know and who know them.
All of this has been done taking into account a combination of factors - physical space, the total school enrollment, number of families interested in returning to in person learning and the number of staff available.

What are distance learning students expected to do during the break in Sync learning?

If you choose to remain in distance learning, your student will have at least 120 minutes of live instruction five days a week with additional asynchronous learning as they do now.

Does the whole school need to use the same instructional schedule?

Structures and routines build predictability. We know that families desire consistent schedules for their students to help establish routines and help families plan. While schools may offer different activities at different times, the start and end times will be set for each school so families can plan and school meals and transportation can reach all of our students who rely on these services.

Do students need to bring their devices when they return to in-person?

Yes, if the device is district-issued they will need to bring it. They should not bring personal devices to school.

Will my students be able to attend a full day if they go back or will I have to pick up in the middle of the day?

In many elementary schools, we will be able to offer IN PERSON learning for all other TK-2nd grade students who choose to return for five nearly full days of instruction a week with their original classroom teacher. At schools with more requests than space, we will offer a HYBRID schedule. This means your student will come to school in person two days a week for full days of instruction and learn online in a distance format for three days a week. By having this schedule, students can rotate and more students can have access to in-person instruction. Your school will be sharing your child's schedule at least 10 days prior to the first day of instruction.

What are you doing to address learning loss and the achievement gap?

We’re taking it seriously. We understand how difficult this is for all our families and students and we are working around the clock to get things on the right track. But this is a pandemic. And it has disrupted everything for everybody.

What other materials will my student be provided for in-person instruction?

Elementary students have been provided with physical math workbooks, Let’s Learn supplemental Language Arts workbooks, trade and leveled books as well as supplies to do their work while at home during hybrid learning. Language Arts materials have been provided in Spanish for identified language learners and for students who speak Spanish at home. 

Print materials may travel between home and school during in-person learning. In addition, SFUSD is partnering with the San Francisco Public Library so students can have ongoing access to high quality trade books on an ongoing basis. Books from the public library will be available to students who participate in person. 

When will you offer sports?

SFUSD is pleased to announce that we are preparing for the return of extracurricular athletics for high school student athletes to practice and compete. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our students after a year of physical isolation.

Will there be afterschool programs for elementary schools on site?

Due to guidelines regarding social distancing and stable cohorts, available space on school sites is limited. As a result, space will be prioritized for the instructional day and, consequently, athletics, in-person extracurricular activities, and before and after school programs will be offered on a case by case basis as staffing and space resources allow. Each school returning to in-person learning will engage with their community based partners to determine what distance learning support can continue to be offered.

Can the district coordinate afterschool programs with outside providers?

Community based partners receiving ExCEL grants who are currently providing distance learning support may provide in-person support for recess and lunch as the grant and resources allow. The agencies at school sites that are not open for in-person learning will continue to provide virtual support for distance learning. Out of School Time (OST) programs may be available for in person services at schools that are open and have an existing OST. Services will include stable cohorts of students that attend the same school for the instructional day. OST programs at school that are not open for in-person learning will continue to provide services virtually.