Return Safely Together Instructional Plan

How Instruction Can Be Delivered

100% Distance Learning

  • 100% Distance Learning - students who will maintain instruction in an exclusively virtual environment. This includes both synchronous and asynchronous components. 

100% In-Person

  • 100% In Person - students in PK  and in Moderate/Severe Special Day classes will return to school five days a week for an instructional model that is fully in person.


  • Hybrid Learning - students will attend school in person for some portion of the week and maintain distance learning for the other portion of the week. TK-2nd*

Hybrid Instruction Strategy

  • Offer in-person learning to every family/student in identified populations who chooses to return.
  • Maximize in person instruction for the students. 
    • Finalize guidance and expectations for in-person vs. virtual learning.
    • Plan for targeted intervention and support.
    • Draft lessons and instructional plans 
    • Facilitate deeper learning, focus on literacy, mathematics and developing social emotional literacy and mathematics.
  • Incorporate the use of technology so that students can build skills to use while at home in distance context. 
  • Leveraging outdoor space for instruction, physical activity and recess
  • Toolkits and Orientations for all stakeholders.
  • Prioritize Home School Strategy.
  • Stable Cohorts will follow DPH guidance, and not exceed the maximum number of students who can safely be in attendance at one time.
  • At least 2 days a week (in-person learning) for priority groups/ 5 days for PK and Mod/Severe SDC.
  • Days in person are consecutive (i.e. Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday)
  • Students attend “full day” when they are in person.

See also February 9, 2021 Board of Education Return to In-Person Learning Update Presentation (slides 13-14)