Substitute Teachers and Class Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions on Substitute Teachers and Class Schedules

My child is back in school in person but still being taught by their teacher who is working remotely. Why?

The in-person learning agreement with the teachers' union (United Educators of San Francisco) prioritizes students remaining with their classroom teacher. In order to maintain these relationships, where your child's teacher requires an accommodation and needs to teach remotely, students will be supervised by a substitute teacher.

There are only a few students in some classes. Why can't some classrooms combine?

SFUSD agreed to an in-person learning agreement (Memorandum of Understanding or MOU) with the teachers union (United Educators of San Francisco) that prioritizes students staying with the same teacher. Per the MOU with the teachers union, SFUSD cannot assign students to work with teachers who already have a class of students, even if that class has very few students attending classes in person. 

Why would SFUSD cancel in-person classes instead of having a substitute teacher?

We currently have a limited pool of substitute teachers. This pool will be prioritized to cover classroom teachers who have been granted remote work accommodations. As a result, there may be an instance where a substitute teacher will not be available to cover an in-person classroom when a teacher is absent or working remotely. 

When will I know if classess will be cancelled for my student?

If by 4 p.m., we know we do not have coverage for the next day’s class, the site administrator will contact the families of the students in that teacher’s class to inform them that in-person learning is cancelled for the following day.