Preparing Facilities for In-Person Learning

Facilities & Operations

SFUSD is ensuring that facilities are prepped for social distancing and for the health and safety of students and staff. View the general COVID-19 school guidance checklist, or view the filled-out checklists for individual schools in the sidebar.

This work includes:

  • Assessing school site infrastructure for hybrid learning readiness (ventilation, kitchen, building systems, etc).
  • Cleaning and disinfection supplies, staff training, and staff schedules in place.
  • Managed circulation plans of students, staff, and family through and across site.
  • Installation and repairs necessary for hybrid learning.
  • Allocate & distribute PPE
  • Install and fill hand sanitizer dispensers 
  • Arrange and move furniture
  • Install signage & decals
    • Required signs translated into English, Spanish, simplified Chinese
    • Some signs also have Tagalog & Vietnamese
  • Check mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and ensure working condition
  • Assess classroom and office ventilation, handwashing sinks
  • Determine use and configuration of outdoor/schoolyard spaces
  • B&G conducting Building Systems Assessments for all sites, ensure the good working condition of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing
  • All Ground Truthing assessments for Elementary Schools completed week of 11/30. Ground Truthing Assessments confirm the presence and functionality of operable windows, handwashing sinks, and other classroom conditions
    • Assessments conducted by Facilities Division or DPH DSW staff
    • Results in detail will be shared during Partnership Protocol, and summary results shared publicly
  • All HVAC systems will be inspected and repaired to ensure good working condition (i.e., functioning as intended)
  • All filters older than 6 months will be replaced
    • Most filters are MERV 8, residential grade
  • Where mechanically feasible and beneficial to room occupants, MERV 13 (hospital grade) filters will be installed
  • Classrooms and Offices without functioning operable windows will not be used for In Person Learning or Administrative activities
    • Exception: single occupant offices can be used, but no visitors/guests permitted

Updates as of 11/17/20:

  • 30 sites have been assessed for functioning building systems and ventilation since this summer, including all Wave 1 sites.
  • Next step: Complete assessment of Wave 2 sites by Fall Break and Wave 3 sites by mid-December.