Timeline Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated on April 14, 2021

Who are the students invited to return to in-person learning?

For Phase 2A, small groups are the youngest students (grades PK–2), students with disabilities in Moderate/Severe SDCs, and students enrolled in our county programs. For Phase 2B, priority populations include homeless and foster youth, students in public housing, newcomers, students in Mild/Moderate SDCs, and those who have shown the lowest overall online engagement.

When will the select student groups be back in schools?

SFUSD is on track to offer in-person learning options at a select number of schools for our youngest students starting on April 12, 2021 and more schools and students will be returning on April 19 and 26, including some middle and high students.

What are the plans for MS/HS students with IEPs not included in the plan to return this Spring?

Special Education Services will continue to partner with C&I and DoT to ensure that our students with IEPs have access to digital resources that support their individual needs and are aligned with IEP accommodations. Printed learning materials for reading, writing and math will continue to be available for students with Moderate/Severe needs who remain in distance learning to supplement synchronous virtual lessons.

What are the plans for MS/HS Gen Ed students?

We’re focusing on the groups of students most in need of our support through in-person learning and we’ll continue to support all other students in distance learning. And we’ll have more information to share soon. Those are students foster youth, students who are unhoused, students who live in single room occupancy accommodation, and public housing, newcomer students, and low-engagement students who may have engaged with less than 40% of online classes. April 26 is our target date for beginning to open middle and high schools in wave three for these students. We know, however, that not all middle and high school students will get back to in-person learning this year.

What are your summer school plans?

We’re working with our partners so that our families have options this summer.

What are the plans for Fall 2021?

We’re actively planning for the fall and we will share more information as soon as possible.

When can parents expect to be notified about placement and return to in-person plans?

We are currently finalizing staffing logistics. Before the end of March, we will have placement letters prepared to share with families. Those with a parentvue account and email on file will receive your placement by email. Those without will receive a printed letter. You will be notified at least 10 days prior to your child's first day of in-person learning.

Why can't you offer in-person to all students in K-5 grades?

School closures have negatively impacted all PK–12 students, but not all students have been affected equally. Equity in the context of planning for opening school sites for in-person learning means that we identify the most vulnerable student groups and plan for a gradual return to school, prioritizing the student groups identified for Phase 2A and 2B to return to in-person learning first, and maximizing the number of days we serve those students during a given week.