Carbon Neutrality

Recognizing that Climate Change is THE environmental challenge of our time, the SFUSD Board of Education passed the Carbon Neutral Schools resolution committing SFUSD to eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Our interim goal is to reduce the use of natural gas to heat our buildings 50% by 2030. In conjunction with the installation of solar panels, these efforts will dramatically reduce our utility bill and will allow us to focus our financial resources on the classroom.

What we do

  • Zero Net Energy: All new schools are being designed as all-electric buildings that can generate as much power as they consume. Read the Carbon Reduction Plan.
  • Fuel Switching: Older buildings are being renovated to eliminate natural gas equipment and its associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Hydro Power: Because our electricity comes from the SFPUC’s Hetch Hetchy Dam, eliminating natural gas from our buildings makes them Zero Carbon schools!
  • Solar Power: By 2050, SFUSD will strive to generate all of its power on-site to dramatically reduce its utility bills and provide more funding for the classroom.