Green Schoolyards

Connection to Nature

Because San Francisco is a dense, urban environment, access to nature is essential for students to develop an understanding of the natural world. In addition, nature has a calming influence on children, and studies have shown its ability to improve student health and promote learning. Our goal is to provide all SFUSD students with daily opportunities to interact with, learn about, and play in nature. As a result, over 90% of SFUSD schools have active green schoolyard elements on campus.

What we do

  • Green Schoolyards: The Bond Department works with schools to design and build Green Schoolyards that bring the classroom outside.
  • Garden Programming: Partner organizations activate these green schoolyards with STEM-based outdoor education.
  • Garden Materials: The SFUSD Landscaping Department assists schools with compost and mulch deliveries.
  • Green Schoolyard Manager: Our GSY Manager ( promotes networking within the SFUSD green schoolyard community and ensures that schools have the resources to activate and maintain their green schoolyards.

This page was last updated on August 12, 2021