Meet the Sustainability Office

Meet the Sustainability Office

Amy Chan

Data Analytics Manager

Loves board games

Pronouns: She/Hers/Her


As the Data Analytics Manager for the SFUSD Sustainability Office, Amy Chan turns data into tools that can be used to extract meaning, evaluate progress, and inform actions. While Amy’s work touches on multiple areas of sustainability, her main focus is reducing energy and water use.

Darya Soofi

Zero Waste Manager

Waste sorting enthusiast

Pronouns: She/Hers/Her


As the Zero Waste Manager of SFUSD, Darya Soofi works in partnership with internal and external partners to divert 85% of waste in the district from landfill by 2025. In addition to her zero waste responsibilities, Darya supports climate change education and leadership opportunities for youth through her work with the CTE Energy, Environment and Utilities pathway. She also manages a district-wide sustainability engagement program, the Earth Day Every Day Challenge.

Nik Kaestner

Director of Sustainability

Obsessive organizer

Pronouns: He/His/Him


Nik Kaestner is the first Director of Sustainability at the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). His staff of five keep busy promoting energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, green schoolyards, and low-carbon transportation at the District’s 180 sites. Since Nik’s hire in 2008, SFUSD’s energy use has dropped by 22%, water usage is down 29%, and waste diversion has doubled to 66%.

Tamar Barlev

Green Schoolyard Manager

Takes whole family to vote

Pronouns: She/Hers/Her


As Green Schoolyard Manager for SFUSD, Tamar Barlev works with school communities, District departments, and community partners to provide resources & support to the over 100 public green schoolyards located throughout San Francisco. Tamar engages relevant District & school site staff in the design, implementation, & maintenance of green schoolyards.  In addition, she is developing the District’s initiative to track the installation & maintenance of existing and future Green Infrastructure (GI) elements. Tamar also serves as a member of the steering committee of San Francisco Children & Nature, a city-wide collaborative whose goal is to provide nature connection to every child, every day.

Jacquie Zapata-Chavez

Sustainable Transportation Coordinator

"I don't make mistakes, I just find new ways not to do things."

Pronouns: Shero (a.k.a. she hero)


Jacquie enthusiastically encourages families, students, teachers, and staff to use sustainable transportation.  She also works with schools to make sustainable transportation fun, easy, beneficial and most of all SAFE!