Zero Waste

SFUSD looks forward to the day when every item that enters our school district will be reused, recycled, or composted at the end of its time with SFUSD. Our interim goal, as outlined in the SFUSD Resource Conservation & Waste Diversion resolution, is to divert 85% of our waste from the landfill by the year 2025. The Sustainability Office, in coordination with Recology, the San Francisco Department of the Environment, and the SFUSD Custodial Department, has developed a  Zero Waste Plan to reach that goal through upstream solutions and comprehensive waste management practices.

What we do

  • Waste Diversion Strategy: Each year, SFUSD is working to increase the diversion rate of ten schools to at least 85%. Schools are prioritized based on their current diversion rate and their landfill volume. Efforts include user education, the installation of additional waste stations, and regular waste audits to track progress. 
  • Student Nutrition: The Sustainability Office is supporting SNS in reducing over-purchasing, eliminating single-use packaging in the school meal program, implementing refrigerated share tables, and identifying options for donating excess food.
  • Paper Reduction: In coordination with the Department of Technology, the Sustainability Office seeks to reduce unnecessary paper use in district administration. 
  • Drink Tap: The District is installing water bottle filling stations in all schools and promoting the consumption of tap water thanks to funding from the San Francisco Soda Tax.
  • Green Purchasing: The Sustainability Office is working with the Purchasing Department to stock environmentally preferable products in the SFUSD Warehouse.