Water Resilience

At SFUSD, incorporating water resilience into our buildings and landscapes prepares us for the inherent seasonality and unpredictability of our future water supply. Ideally, our campuses will be efficient in their use of water, capture and store rainwater for use during the dry season, and irrigate our landscaping and recharge the soil. The Carbon Neutral Schools resolution calls for a 50% reduction in water use by 2030 (-30% since 2008) and to reduce the amount of run-off flowing into our storm drains 25% by 2040.

What we do

  • Leaks: Thanks to new smart water meters, the District can identify leaks and dispatch crews.
  • Water Fixtures: We are removing any remaining high-flow toilets and urinals in our portfolio as part of our bond modernization projects.
  • Landscaping: The District emphasizes the use of native and drought-tolerant species in our green schoolyards and improving the efficiency of our irrigation systems. 
  • Stormwater Management: In collaboration with the SF Public Utilities Commission, SFUSD is implementing projects to capture and/or divert stormwater into our green schoolyards and the soil.