Attendee resources

Get ready!

To make sure you have the best and easiest experience follow these steps

We recommend taking a few minutes before the event starts to take the following steps (for each of these steps look below for instructions):

  1. Sign into Zoom at on your laptop or Chromebook.
  2. Update your Zoom App (steps for people new to Zoom
  3. Update your web browser (we recommend you use Chrome)
  4. Go to the Digital District Day website at and click on "Register" or "Join Lobby". Even if you have registered already, you may still need to click "Register" to enter the site.
  5. Log into your Zoom account in the browser (if needed) by scrolling down and clicking on the sign in with Google button.
  6. We recommend selecting “Join via Zoom app” for an optimal experience. Please Note: Chromebook users can only use the Web version to join the event.
  7. Join the Lobby and use this video to familiarize yourself with the Zoom Events Platform

Note: if you need ASL interpretation please fill out the ASL interpreter request form as early as possible

Questions about how to participate as an attendee?

We are using a new platform, Zoom Events, to bring you Digital District Day this year. Find out all the information on how to participate virtually below. If you have any further questions email

What equipment do I need to participate?

Digital District Day is a live, interactive virtual event! Sessions are not optimized for mobile (phone) access, though it is possible. You will need a Chromebook or laptop with internet access to best engage.

No device or broken device? Contact

For attendees using District-issued Chromebooks: 

  • Please make time to update your chromebook.
  •  Please follow the steps below OR watch this video for support :


Open the Chrome browser and follow these steps:

- go to chrome://help

- select ChromeOS Settings

- select check for updates and follow any prompts


When the system confirms that ChromeOS is up to date, check to make sure the Zoom app is loaded.  Here are the steps to do that:

- search for the Chrome Web Store and open the webpage

- search for "Zoom" in the store

- select the Zoom app

- if you have the option to install, select it

- If you see the option to "Launch app", that means it is already installed and ready to use.


For attendees using District-issued MacBooks

stay tuned for further instructions

How can I see what sessions will be available?

You can preview sessions in advance to decide on which workshops you want to attend. A "Join" button will appear in each session tile when the session time begins.

There is NO PRE-REGISTRATION FOR WORKSHOPS so you can also simply decide on the spot if preferred. Please note that the schedule is continuously being updated and may change.

We encourage you to explore DDD Zoom Events to select sessions and create your personalized DDD 2022 itinerary. 


How do I Install Zoom for the first time?

Log in to the Zoom website

Navigate to in a web browser, click the “Sign in” button. 

Once you’re logged in, you can download the app to your device by hovering over “Resources” in the top right corner and then choosing “Download Zoom Client”.

Download the Zoom app

Users are required to download the Zoom app to their device to be able to join a Zoom meeting. You should log in to Zoom for the very first time on Zoom’s webpage, where you will be able to download the Zoom app. After that, you can open the app on your device.

I have an @SFUSD email address!

Use the “Sign in with SSO” button to sign in with your SFUSD email and password. You’ll need to enter your entire SFUSD email address, including the part. (On the day of you will sign in with Google NOT sign in with SSO)

I don’t have an SFUSD email address yet.

Use your own email address to sign in or create an account. We recommend you not list yourself as an educator without an SFUSD gmail address.

Check that your device can run Zoom

Most Digital District Day sessions will be conducted over Zoom. When you have made sure that Zoom is working on your deivce. Test your internet connection and device by joining a test meeting:


How can I be paid for Digital District Day?


  • Teachers, paras, and subs who want to be paid using their PD hours can refer to this: How to Get Paid for this Institute document.
  • If you attend a full day (8:30am - 4:00pm) you can document 7 hours of pay for the day. If you do NOT attend a full day, you can only document the total hours of workshops attended (not including lunch, breaks, tabling, etc.).
  • If participants have questions about this please email Nora Houseman at

How do I get support with Accessibility or Accommodation needs?

We have shared resources with our presenters on making their sessions more accessible to attendees, including ensuring captions and ensuring interpreters are in breakout rooms with those needing interpretation. If you need to request any special accommodations, or need ASL interpretation and have not been in communication with us already, please fill out the following ASL Interpreter Request form as soon as possible.

This page was last updated on August 15, 2022