DDD 2020 - Attendee Orientation

Digital District Day 101: Get the most out of DDD 2020

Thank you for registering for our annual Digital District Day conference! Whether this is your first time or your fifth time attending DDD, this year is going to feel a little different. But doing things differently isn’t always bad. We’re seeing a record-number of registrations this year, and we’re learning that a virtual event offers more flexibility for attendees. This year’s DDD may look and feel different, but this shift has helped us focus on what’s really important about this day: your learning & growth as an educator.

Three simple steps to be ready for Digital District Day

Step 1: Welcome

Watch the welcome video from Melissa Dodd, our Chief Technology Officer, to learn more about this year’s DDD event.

Step 2: Login to Sched 

We’re using a tool called Sched to organize and manage session registrations, and you’ll need to login to be able to view our Sched and sign up for sessions. Watch this video to get the URL and learn how to login to our DDD Sched.

Step 3: Sign up for sessions

All breakout sessions and deeper dive workshops have limited capacity. Please make sure you register for each session you want to attend to save your spot, and you’ll only be able to register for one session per timeslot. Once all the spots in a session are taken, no one else will be able to register for that session. If you’d like to change your registration to a different session or if you no longer plan to attend that session, you can unregister, releasing your spot to be taken by someone else. Watch this video to learn how to register for sessions in Sched.

Learn how to use your LWEA/Prop G 18 hours for attending Digital District Day