Monitoring and Testing for COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

COVID-19 Health Screenings

Updated Aug. 5, 2021

Do we have to complete a daily screening form when we return to in-person learning?

No documentation is required. However, all school staff and students will be required to self-screen for COVID-19 before coming to school everyday, stay home when sick, wear face masks at all times except when eating or drinking, and wash or sanitize hands frequently. 

Testing Eligibility

Last updated Aug. 30, 2021

Which students should be tested for COVID-19 at SFUSD?

Our agreement with our labor partners requires that the District offer testing options for COVID-19 to students attending school in person. Testing is not mandatory, however, and all students will be able to access in-person learning even if a family chooses not to have them participate in the COVID-19 testing. 

Testing Process

Last updated Aug. 30, 2021

How will students be tested at SFUSD?

Student testing will take place at the same 28 schools where it took place over the summer. If your school is hosting student testing, a Color Site Lead will reach out to you one week before your testing date to confirm on-site logistics. On the testing day, a team from Color will set up a mobile pop-up site at your school, bring supplies and test kits, clinicians will check students into Color’s software and collect their sample, and the Color team will break down the site and take all supplies before leaving. Parents/guardians must register their student before they can test for the first time, but do not need to do so for any subsequent testing.

Find your school's registration URL and testing locations and dates. These testing sites are open to all students from any school within SFUSD. 

How should I register my student for testing?

Please register for testing via your school’s link before getting tested at any available location. Enter your school’s name in the search bar on Color’s website or look up your school on to find your school’s registration link.
Parents/guardians will have an opportunity to pre-register or register at the testing location. Parents/guardians will only need to consent one time for COVID-19 testing for their student. Students 13 years old or older can register and consent for themselves.
Students 13 years old or older can register and consent for testing themselves. Students must use their SFUSD email address when registering–this is how SFUSD will track eligibility and results across schools. Results will be sent to the mobile phone number entered when registering.
For students younger than 13, parents and guardians can register their student for testing by using the school’s registration link or registering in-person at a testing site.
The student’s SFUSD email address must be used when registering. This is how SFUSD will track eligibility and participation. SFUSD emails are available to families in their ParentVUE account. 

Parents/guardians/students must also provide their mobile phone number when registering. Results will be sent to the mobile phone number. Students in high school will also receive their results to their SFUSD email address.

Where can my student get tested?

Your student can get tested at their school site during the weekly testing day. 28 school sites have a weekly testing day that can be found on SFUSD’s website.

Do parents/guardians have to be present while their student is tested?

No. Parents/guardians do not have to be present. However, if parents/guardians are not present, they need to pre-register their student for participation in the testing program. Students 13+ can register and consent for themselves on the day of testing. Included in the registration is consent for the testing.

How long should it take to receive results? How will results be communicated to the district?

Test results should typically be available within 1-3 days, and will be communicated via text message and the student’s email (for high school students only). Parents/guardians should list their personal phone number when registering in order to have test results sent to them.

Testing Positive, or When Someone Gets Sick

View our When Someone Gets Sick FAQs to learn about quarantine, close contacts, and what to do if a student is symptomatic or tests positive for COVID-19.

Testing Policies

Last updated Aug. 30, 2021

Is testing mandatory for students?

No. All students will be able to access in-person learning even if a family chooses not to have them participate in the COVID-19 testing. 

Who has access to testing results for SFUSD students?

Test results are shared with the student who was tested (or parents/guardians for students under 13 years old), the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the District’s authorizing nurse practitioner, and the District’s central administrator/liaison for the testing program.  

The site administrator at the school where the student attends will also be made aware of any student or staff who tests positive so they can take the necessary response steps.

What if my child has symptoms? Should I go to school to get tested?

If you or your student has COVID-19 symptoms, stay at home and do not go to school until you receive a negative test result. Symptoms include: fever greater than 100.4° F, chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, headache, new loss of smell or taste, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, fatigue, runny nose, congestion. Find COVID-19 testing options for symptomatic students.

Family Engagement

Last updated Aug. 30, 2021

How will communication flow to families regarding student testing?

Each school site will send out a communication to families describing the program, where students can get tested, and when students can get tested. A reminder will also be sent to families before the designated student testing day at that school site.

Families can also contact the school to get answers to their questions about the testing program.