Day 3: Friday

Day 3 : Morning Sessions

Morning Schedule:  All Leaders

8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Opening
9:30 Keynote Address: Shane Safir & Estelle Acquah, Street Data Fundamentals: Cultivating an Antiracist Organizational Culture
12:30 Lunch

Day 3: Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon Schedule:  Instructional Leaders

1:30 Clubhouse Session #1 Instructional Leaders
2:45 Clubhouse Session #2 Instructional Leaders
3:50 Closing All Leaders
4:30 Reception All Leaders


Afternoon Schedule: Operational Leaders

1:30 Mandatory Session Operational Leaders
2:45 Clubhouse Session #2 Optional for Operational Leaders
3:50 Closing All Leaders
4:30 Reception All Leaders

Afternoon Session Resources

Closing Slides

Room Assignments, Descriptions & Resources 1:30-3:45

Clubhouse Session #1 (Instructional/Operational Leaders)

Title Facilitator Description Resources Room

Comprehensive School Safety Planning:  The yearly CSSP, Crisis Communications and Crisis Response Team

Facilities: Dawn Kamalanathan & Greg Markwith - w/ SFSD - Jason Finau and Christine Hardiman Get ahead of the curve of CSSP (School Safety Plans) Planning!  Come and learn about updates to the templates and receive completion support!  Also, learn how the Crisis Response Team in SFSD fits into Emergency & Crisis Response!



317 Library
Human Resources: The Great Leave Adventure

Victoria Ramos, Cherise Grigsby

Are you seconds away from sending a ticket to HR about an employee on leave? Consider attending our clubhouse where you will learn about the Leave of Absence process at SFUSD with special guest, Stephanie Bealby, Director of Employee Relations. Slides 321 Little Theater

School Nutrition Services

SNS: Linda Pulido-Esquivel & Noe Oropeza Are you feeling a pinch in your categorical funding? Come learn how to increase your LCFF funding using MFIF!   118
Cybersecurity and Protecting Your and Your School Community’s Data

Department of Technology:

Melissa Dodd

David Malone

Joshua Wittman

Zareen Poonen Levien

Gear up for an exhilarating exploration into the realm of cyber security as we present Duo 2-Factor Authentication(MFA). Brace yourself for a captivating learning experience where you'll uncover the secrets to fortifying your digital defenses with Duo's state-of-the-art authentication solution and unleash the power of cutting-edge cyber security practices.   320
How to leverage communications department support Communications: Laura Dudnick, Joyce Tsai, and Hong Mei Pang Get resources to create a communications plan for change management or difficult news, and learn how the Comms office can support you.


Activity worksheet (makes a copy)

Synergy for New Administrators Tim Reidy
New to Synergy? Come learn more about Synergy’s functionality and how to navigate to the information you need.

Synergy Admin Tool kit


Clubhouse Session #2 All Administrators (NOTE: For Affinity Sessions, if there is no facilitator named, the affinity space is unavailable)






Orientation to IEP handbook

Julia Martin

Take a tour of the newly updated family handbook and test your special education knowledge. We will share highlights from the handbook and how best to use this resource.

Slide Deck


Synergy for Administrators

Tim Reidy

A self paced workshop for Administrators familiar with Synergy who are looking for resources and to increase their Synergy skills and use.

Learn to review how to run, sort and filter reports, help with Synergy communications, assist Admin with Synergy resources for new staff



Jumpstart your Community Schools Journey - California Community Schools Partnership Program Grantees

Chris Tsukida/Sarah Ballard-Hanson/Carla Vasquez/Claudia Delarios Moran/ Leslie Hu UESF/Sally Jenkins Stevens SFBI

New grantees and new CCSPP Principals join to learn about the fundamentals of community schools shared leadership and specific grant requirements for CCSPP funding (deliverables, timelines, and allowable expenses). 

List of CCSPP Sites

Slide Deck


Instructional Leadership Teams

Kamaria Carnes/Catalina Rico Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) are a key lever in leading instructional best practices for all students at your site. We will share resources for leading / supporting the leadership of your ILT and share best practices for fostering strong teams.   342

Graduate Profile in Action

Tami Benau

We will build an understanding of the SFUSD Graduate Profile (GP) competencies and skills by listening to the voices of students and teachers, exploring GP resources, connecting the GP to Deeper Learning, and practicing a site self-assessment. Graduate Profile posters will also be available.

GP Slide Deck


Racial Affinity

White Identity

Matthew Reedy

Tim Burke




Racial Affinity

White Identity

Erin Deis

Lena Van Haren




Racial Affinity

Pacific Islander

Ursuala Ann Siataga




Black Affinity

Sandra Phillips-Sved

Stacey Wyatt




Native American/Alaskan Affinity

Helen Pettiford




Filipino Affinity

No Facilitator Available




East Asian Affinity

Sonny Wong




South Asian Affinity

Harini Aravamudhan




Southeast Asian Affinity

Ho Nguyen




Arab/MENA Affinity

No Facilitator Available



Latinx/La Gente Affinity

Christina Velasco




Chinese Affinity

No Facilitator Available




Mixed Race Identity

No Facilitator Available














Mandatory Session (Operational/Central Leaders)

Title Facilitators Resources Room
EMPowerSF Updates & Fundamentals

Chris Wong, Lake Raymond,

Dr. Candi Clark, Amy Baer

Agenda Gym

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