Information/Explanatory Writing Performance Tasks

Information/Explanatory Writing Performance Tasks Available for Gr. 3-5 Students

Information/Explanatory Writing Performance Tasks will be available to administer in the Illuminate platform or paper/pencil format for the 2022-23 school year. These assessments are available to grades 3, 4, and 5 students for their teachers to administer to them to as a post-assessment for the Info/Explanatory Spiral embedded into those grade levels' ELA curricula.

1. Prepare in Advance for Administration

a) Familiarize yourself with your grade level's Writing Performance Task (WPT) materials that you will use to administer the assessment.

Carefully read through the following Writing Performance Task documents for your grade level which are linked in the following section cards.

  • Writing Performance Task Rubric
  • Student Prompt
  • Reading and Pre-Writing Activities

b) Prepare to share these materials with your students (either digitally or hard copy)

Info/Exp WPT Documents by Grade Level

2. Administer the Writing Performance Task

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the assessment, you will set aside time to do both parts of the Writing Performance Task with your students.

Part 1 and Part 2 are completed during two sessions and must occur on two consecutive instructional days.

Refer to the following Writing Performance Task Teacher Directions for further guidance on administering the Writing Performance Task.


3. Calibrate and Score

a) Review your grade level's Writing Performance Task Rubric.

b) Read the Anchor Packet for your grade level to see student examples for each score.

You can opt to calibrate with your grade level team by using the Calibration Packet for Scorers to score student writing examples together. Refer to the Calibration Packet for Facilitators to check your scores for the sample student writing included in the Calibration Packet for Scorers.


Writing Performance Task data entry into Illuminate is available.

Follow the instructions in this How to Enter Writing Performance Task Results into Illuminate document using the following Illuminate assessment portals:

SFUSD Grade 3 Informational Writing Performance Task (2022-23)

SFUSD Grade 4 Informational Writing Performance Task (2022-23)

SFUSD Grade 5 Informational Writing Performance Task (2022-23)


All Writing Performance Task calibration and scoring resources are found in the linked cards below.


4. Access Reports and Analyze Results

View your grade level's Writing Performance Task results in the Illuminate reports below.

Analyze your students' results holistically or analytically.

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