Jefferson ES Donate to the Spell-A-Thon

What is the Spell-A-Thon?

The Spell-A-Thon is one of Jefferson’s most popular and successful fundraisers!  All students are given a list of words. Kindergartners and first graders have 10 words, second graders 20 words, third graders 30 words, fourth graders 40 words, and - you guessed it - fifth graders 50 words!  Plus there are challenge words for extra credit!

Students have one month to study the words and gather sponsorship pledges from friends, relatives, neighbors, and parents' coworkers. Pledges can be per word or a lump sum.  Great ideas for helping your child get lots of sponsors are below.  The PTA has budgeted for each student to collect at least $75 in donations.

Then on Date, all Jefferson students take the spelling test!  Their teachers correct the tests and return them to the students.  Students then contact their sponsors to let them know how they did.  They have until Date to collect the donations.

The highest-earning class will win a pizza party!  All classes raising at least $1,500 will win prizes!

In past years, students have collected $20,000 to $30,000, making the Spell-A-Thon a very important part of the PTA's fundraising.  As of January 4, 2019, students had collected $27,442 in this year's Spell-A-Thon, surpassing last year's total of $26,611.  Fantastic!

Download pledge sheets in English or Chinese. Find ideas to help your child get sponsors, in English and Chinese.

Download the word lists for each grade below:

  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade
  • Fifth Grade

How to Collect Donations Online or Offline

We have both online and offline options for helping your children collect pledges and donations!


Try PledgeStar, a web-based pledge drive fundraising system that makes it easy for students to request sponsorship pledges from family and friends and for sponsors to make secure credit card donations online.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and funds will be deposited directly into the Jefferson PTA account.

Here's how to get started:​

• Go to Jefferson's PledgeStar page

• Enter your name and email address, then click Register

• Follow the instructions onscreen

More information can be accessed in English or Chinese

It's that easy!  When you finish, the system emails pledge requests to family and friends.  You get notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track progress online.


This is the better method to use if you can easily collect donations locally or you are making one flat donation, because we will avoid credit card fees.

Students can collect pledges on the paper pledge form sent home in the XYZ Wednesday Envelope (or download the pledge form in English or Chinese to print out). They should return the pledge form and donations to their classroom on or before Date in the envelope provided (or any envelope). Checks should be made payable to Jefferson PTA.

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