CCSF Early College Program

CCSF Early College Program

“CCSF is very positive this semester because it shows me ways to better myself in an academic environment and new perspectives of thinking that I never really knew I had.  I also feel that I will be able to navigate CCSF after high school because I have experience in a college setting.”

-Ana Diosdado, Class of 2018

"Although it was pretty stressful last semester, going to regular school and then CCSF still helped me see how it would be to be an actual college student. I now know what to expect next year when I am a full time student at CCSF.”

-Kimberly Martinez, Class of 2018

We have established a partnership between The Academy - SF, the SFUSD Early College program in the Office of College & Career Readiness, and City College of San Francisco (CCSF) to support our 12th graders in enrolling at CCSF during their Senior Year of high school. 

Our goal is to provide students with a successful and supported college experience while still in high school and to provide an introduction to a college experience. After high school, our goal is that students will continue to attend college while working in a career field with potential for advancement, and/or earn a college degree. Research* has shown that students who graduate high school and attend some college earn an average of $14,000 more per year than students who do not graduate from high school. Students who earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree earn $10,000-$24,000 more per year than high school graduates. The payoff is clear: attending college dramatically improves lifetime earnings, at every income level and in every career field.

Students participating in this partnership attend classes in the morning at The Academy-SF as usual. After lunch, students take a district-provided bus to the CCSF Main campus off Ocean or the Mission campus to take college level classes in the afternoons.

Students are responsible for attending classes, participating in discussions and assignments, and completing homework and projects. Students are also responsible for managing their time, grades, and communication with CCSF instructors.  Throughout the semester, all students are supported in their college classes by their Academy teachers, Early College teachers, and AVID tutors.

Each semester we select a variety of classes that our students can take through this program. Each of these courses counts towards general education and UC/CSU transferable and will count towards a degree in their chosen major.

The list of former & current courses includes:

  • LGTBQ American History

  • Film History

  • African American History

  • Intro to Sociology

  • College Success

  • Design Fundamentals

  • Music Fundamentals

  • Computer Applications for Business

  • Psychology of Race and Ethnic Relations

  • Child Development

  • Biotechnology

Please contact Natalie Gomez ( or Gladys Dalmau ( with any questions about the partnership. 

This page was last updated on September 4, 2020