College Counseling

School to College.

The School-to-College (STC) program is currently located at the The Academy - San Francisco @ McAteer HS.

The main objective of the STC program is to outreach to first generation, underrepresented and disenfranchised student populations and their communities, and provide them with a school community, in addition to on and off campus resources. 

Our values consists of nurturing the feeling of the unknown that is usually felt by first-generation students when the conversation of college is presented to them and empowering students to pursue their dreams towards higher education. 

STC provides support in: assistance with the college application process, assistance with applying for financial aid and scholarships, facilitate college campus tours, facilitate SAT/ACT math prep sessions, and provide workshops that represent the communities needs. 

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Note: Hours may change depending on trainings, meetings and off-site obligations  

How Do I See Luis Magana?

  • Find him during lunch or passing period

  • Get a pass from your teacher first

  • Set an appointment

  • Email him!

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