Procurement Department - Contracts Division

Professional Service Contracts

The SFUSD contract templates have been posted for FY 2023-24.  (See instructions below)

Please remember to remove all old contract templates from your computer. The contracts are updated from time to time throughout the year. You should check this web page each time you need a contract template

Open all contract templates in Microsoft Word (Not Google Word, Google Docs, or Pages). Enter the information requested and use the "TAB" key to go to each fill-in section in the contract. Repeat this until all information has been entered.

Please remember to have contractors comply with the insurance requirements in Appendix C. The District's requirements have changed this year.

Download Instructions

  1. Please follow the link to access contract templates on the OneDrive website: FY 2023-24 CONTRACT FORMS.
  2. Click Employee Login.
  3. Enter your employee login information.
  4. Highlight the desired document by clicking on the bubble left of the Microsoft Word Icon.
  5. Select download at the top of the toolbar or right-click and select download.
  6. Open the downloaded document on your computer.
  7. Click "Enable Editing" (yellow bar at the top of the screen on your computer).  
  8. Save the contract document under the Contractor name (Last Name/First Name) – School/Dept name – Amount of contract (e.g., Jones, Bob Contract Office $5,000)​​​​.
  9. Enter the information in the requested fill-in areas and use the "TAB" key to move to the next section. Repeat this until all information is entered.
  10. Email us with any questions or problems with these files at
  11. Submit contract documents for approval in GoFast.

This page was last updated on January 31, 2024