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Nearpod iconNearpod is an interactive instructional delivery platform that allows teachers to integrate a variety of content and activities into an online lesson seamlessly. These lessons can be used synchronously or asynchronously. There are many components that make online learning more interactive and language rich for English learners including the integration of polls, quick writes, quizzes, matching activities, video clips, teacher recorded audio, and opportunities for students to record their oral responses.

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Nearpod is centrally-funded for all students.

Students and teachers can access Nearpod through Clever at, download the app through self-service, or on the web at Sign in with your SFUSD account.

Nearpod has many integrations with excellent content and interaction providers, such as PhET simulations and the Desmos Graphing Calculator. These are all safe and approved for use with students, except Flipgrid. Flipgrid collects information about students and does not meet our Legal and Privacy requirements, and must not be used with students.

Curricular Uses, Resources, & Tutorials

Teachers of all disciplines use Nearpod to curate lessons in order to reduce the number of tech applications used during and interactive lessons, both synchronous and asynchronous lessons. The goal of Nearpod is to promote student engagement and interaction with content and checks for understanding. Specially curated lessons for English learners are included.

Teachers can use Nearpod to deliver instruction, assess student learning, and facilitate collaborative learning experiences for students. These projects build content knowledge and 21st century skills, including the following digital learning competencies described in SFUSD's Digital Learning Scope & Sequence

vr iconUse Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR / AR) tools to expand one’s horizons and depth of understanding of the sciences, history, culture, geography, etc.

graphing iconUse graphing software to graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, solve problems, and create designs.

Take an interactive tour of Nearpod for an overview of its features. 

Common Sense Media Aligned Lessons

The following topics and lessons will help students use Soundtrap effectively and responsibly. 

News and media literacyNews and Media Literacy
Identify credible & trustworthy sources of information, consider legal and ethical aspects of using the creative work of others, and apply this knowledge as they create & curate digital content. Common Sense Media lessons addressing news and media literacy

Coaching and Support

Please visit Nearpod's resources site for their training materials.

Professional Learning Opportunities:

Have questions or need support? Contact Lucas Elbaum (main contact), Amy Gottesfeld at (secondary) or Miguel De Loza (primary). You can also submit a help ticket by visiting or by emailing

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