Resources for Classrooms


Below is a curation of materials and resources that can be used in the classroom to support LGBTQ+ inclusion. Please feel free to share any additional fab activity ideas and resources by contacting LGBTQ Student Services

Grade Level Resources

Elementary Grades (PreK to 5)

LGBTQ-Inclusive Education is mandated for elementary grades


SFUSD mandates that students receive 20 health lessons per year TK to 5, including 3 lessons in LGBTQ and Family Diversity AND the CDE History-Social Science Framework requires LGBTQ History in grades 2, 4 and 5.

Superintendent’s Rainbow Read-Aloud!

On April 23rd at 10:30am Superintendent Matt Wayne will be presenting a Rainbow Read-Aloud for Pride month (K-5).

The selected book is 47,000 Beads by Angel Adeyoha and Koja Adeyoha, a story of a two-spirit Lakota person. To sign your class up for the reading, fill out this form.


Gender Diversity is PRIDE!

This year we are focusing on Gender Diversity around the world

Click here for MORE activities for all grades!

From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea: Thom, Kai Cheng, Ching,  Kai Yun, Li, Wai-Yant: 9781551527093: Books


On SFUSD library shelves! 

From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea 

gender identity lessonK-3


On SFUSD library shelves!

My Paati’s Saris 

lesson plan - K-3 




Here is a slide deck about

third gender and gender diversity around the world (4-5). 





Native Hawaiian origin myth short film 

(for the film click on the image) 

Lesson Plan (K-5)


LGBTQ Learning!

Here is an updated Spanish LGBTQIA bookshelf. Click the photo to see an enlarged version.

“Say it Loud and Proud!”

  • Organize a school wide LGBTQ event! Create a bulletin board, highlight famous LGBTQ people, organize an art activity, Rainbow Parade, provide a workshop for parents, or host a lunch time activity. (link)



Organize a school-wide Rainbow Parade where each grade wears a different color 🏳️‍🌈 


April 30th Pink Wave




Additional resources


*Lesson Plans* for many of these books as well as recorded read-aloud (for Spanish click on the image of the book) can be found here.


Secondary Grades (6th to 12th)


LGBTQ+ Inclusive Education is recommended across All Areas for All Grades!


Integration of LGBT issues in the Curriculum Promotes School Safety for EVERYONE not just LGBTQ+ Students!   

Classroom Activities  

Here and below are some great resources to help support LGBTQ+ students and themes across areas

Social Studies 

>LGBTQ+ Activism in the Mid-20th Century


Social Studies 

Hidden Voices: LGBTQ+ Stories in United States History Lesson Plans 


Media/Ethnic Studies 

Paris Is Burnt: The exploitative reality of Paris is Burning 


>Gender Inclusive Biology 

>Gender-Inclusive Biology: A framework in action


Making Math Class More inclusive of Trans* and Non-Binary Students


Supporting LGBTQ+ Students in K-12 Mathematics 

Physical Education 

Game Plan for Physical Education Teachers: Creating Safe and Inclusive Classrooms for LGBTQ+ Students  


Art and LGBT Rights: Study of Symbols

ELA/Advisory (But Really ALL SUBJECTS): Ask students their Pronouns; you can even practice using neopronouns with this great tool!

April 26th LGBTQ+ Youth RESOURCE FAIR!!!

April 26th 1-4pm, Open to Middle and High School students!

Drag make-up tutorials, Food, Arts and Crafts, Affinity Spaces, Connection to Queer Youth and Resources!!!

To sign up for the resource fair, you must complete:

  1. Sign-up here!
  2. Field trip forms will be sent to you by April 12th.
  3. Have your teachers and caregivers sign the form.
  4. Turn in the completed form to your GSA/SAGA/Art Club facilitator,    

             Wellness Center coordinator or School Social Worker. That way we  

             know choice boardthat you're cleared to attend.


Raffle with fabulous Prizes!


On the Day of the Fair, students will go to school as normal then travel to the SF LGBTQ+ Center together without a chaperone.

→SSW or GSA/SAGA/Art Club facilitators will tell students when and where to gather so that they can take public transit to the event together.    

→Attendance will be taken at the resource fair; students will be released for the day from the fair at 4pm.

April 30th “Pink Wave/ Day of Silence Resource”


Gender Diversity is PRIDE!




Native Hawaiian myth 

- short film 

(for the film click on the image) 

Lesson Plan and Activity Guide 




Here is a slide deck about

gender diversity around the world. 

More Resources


For Support or Questions, email


Additional Resources:

  • A print out of the list above can be found here

Lessons & Slide Decks:

  • Advisory lesson plans: these were designed to help foster understanding of and support for our LGBTQ+ community, the barriers they sometimes encounter when trying to access restrooms, and the importance of having free menstrual products in all of our bathrooms. Presentations were created for middle-grade students but can be modified for high school.


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