What is informing our strategy for community engagement?

What is informing our strategy for community engagement?

Teacher in a forum with parents in a library

Our strategy for community engagement is informed by lessons from districts that have undergone similar processes, best practices provided through research, and our own Guardrail One standard of excellence.

SFUSD’s Guardrail One about Effective Decision-Making outlines our standard of excellence for community engagement and is being used during the Resource Alignment Initiative The guardrail states:

“The Superintendent will not make major decisions without utilizing a process–that includes meaningful consultation with the parents/guardians, students, and staff who will be impacted by those decisions–at the inception, adoption, and review.”

Our goal is to ensure we proactively reach out to the community and ensure that the voices of our focal populations are uplifted, dedicating our in-person efforts to meeting with community members while leveraging existing SFUSD structures, spaces, and communities.

To reach these goals, we must:

  • Create a new staffing model,

  • Reorganize our central office, 

  • Identify opportunities to generate revenue from properties, 

  • Invest in priority programs, and 

  • Strengthen our school portfolio.

District Advisory Committee (DAC)

The District engages the community on an ongoing basis on each of the focus areas of the Resource Alignment Initiative through the District Advisory Committee (DAC). Meeting since November 2023, the DAC is composed of 15 members of the public. Its role is to deliberately and provide feedback on resource alignment strategies. All DAC meetings are open to the public. 

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