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Reading Inventory Reports and Results

In SFUSD, reports are provided to support data informed and inquiry driven action planning. Reports are designed to be used to empower and inform multiple stakeholder groups: Administrators, Teachers, IRFs, Social Workers, Families and Counselors. See RI Performance Bands for details regarding grade level proficiency targets.

High School teachers will access SAM through

Administrators can access RI results in SAM just after administration with the following unique link and assigned log-in credentials. Please email if you need your login credentials:

 The Reading Inventory is available for administration all year round, and RI data can be accessed immediately in SAM.

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Staff interested in school-wide or district-wide access to view Reading Inventory results in SAM can ask their direct supervisor to request an upgraded level of access by completing this form.

Student-level reports are shared on advance of Parent-Teacher Conference Week, via ParentVUE. Instructions to generate your own student reports for Parent-Teacher Conference Week are available by class or individual students via Illuminate.

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This page was last updated on January 23, 2024