Elementary Health Distance Learning Lessons

Community and Wellness Lessons

The Community and Wellness Table of Contents allows you to choose lessons based on your students’ SEL and Health Lesson needs. Please find the tab for your grade band at the bottom of the document.   

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At the beginning of each slide deck you will find links to the Spanish and Chinese slides. Translated lessons are available in Spanish for grades K-5 and in Chinese for grades K-2. (Please note that the K/1 curriculum is used up through second grade for the Chinese slides). Each slideshow also provides a slide with a clickable shortcut to each lesson. Teacher-facing slides (blue) give information on lesson components and resources, while student facing slides (white) are intended for synchronous instruction.

The format is as follows for K-3 grade: 

Day 1: Second Step Lesson, Day 2: Community Circle, Day 3: Health Lesson. Occasionally the health lesson is a Harvest of the Month (HOTM) or a lesson from Teaching Tolerance. 

4/5  grades spread the Second Step Lessons over two days.  

We recommend you teach the Second Step lessons in order, as the skills taught build off of previous lessons. However, lessons can be revisited as needed. Note that some health lessons are in series that build on previous lessons.

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