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Scope & Sequence

This page is intended for individuals that are not affiliated with SFUSD.  If you are a member of the SFUSD community, you should go to SFUSD Science Core Curriculum to gain more information and access to our curriculum.

SFUSD High School Scope & Sequence

If you have not yet taken a look, please check out our SFUSD HS Science Scope & Sequences. The ​Earth & Space Science and Engineering NGSS Standards are threaded throughout each of the SFUSD Scope and Sequences. This will give you an overview of the year’s flow.


All of our curriculum is based on our Scope and Sequences and uses the 5E model. We have developed our own NGSS Chemistry course and worked with publishers to adapt their materials for NGSS Biology and NGSS Physics.  Please click on the links below to access documents that show which chapters we are using.  Please note that we often modified chapters and sections, but we are not providing that level of detail here.  

Sample chapters

In addition to the curriculum, our teachers have developed several chapters based on the 5E model.  Those are available at  

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SFUSD High School Science Content Specialists: 

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  • Katrina Rotter, Chemistry (
  • David Barrios, Physics (