Essential Information

adobe spark logoAdobe Spark offers three easy to use tools for building websites, editing videos, or designing graphics. 

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Students and teachers can access Adobe Spark through Clever at, download the app through self-service, or on the web at Sign in with your SFUSD account and select "Enterprise". Creative Cloud Mobile applications are available for free in iPad Self Service. Contact DoT at if the app you need is not available.

Curricular Uses, Resources, & Tutorials

Students might use these tools to build the following digital learning competencies, as described in SFUSD's Digital Learning Scope & Sequence

digital portfolio logoUse digital tools to document their process and contribute towards a digital portfolio that includes a curation of their best work and reflection on how that work contributes to their academic learning goals, personal interests, and career aspirations. 
Students can use Adobe Spark Pages to create digital portfolios, visual multimedia reports, webpages, and more. 

video iconUse Adobe Spark Video to edit & publish videos using original and repurposed media in order to demonstrate learning, engage in critical analysis, examine issues from multiple viewpoints, conduct research and communicate findings, and/or reach a broader audience. 
Students can use Adobe Spark Video to create documentaries, book reports, portfolio reflections, PSA's, and much more!

infographics iconUtilize graphic design principles to create digital content such as posters, flyers, webpages, and/or infographics that make data driven arguments and communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively.
Students can use Adobe Spark Post to create infographics, book quotes, flyers, logos, and much more. 



Common Sense Media Aligned Lessons

The following lessons and topics from Common Sense Media will help students use Adobe Spark effectively and responsibly. 

digital footprint logoDigital Footprint and Identity
Identify some of the benefits and risks of sharing information online and articulate that they have a digital footprint with information that can be searched, copied, and passed on. Common Sense Media lessons addressing digital footprint and identity

News and media literacyNews and Media Literacy
Identify credible & trustworthy sources of information, consider legal and ethical aspects of using the creative work of others, and apply this knowledge as they create & curate digital content. Common Sense Media lessons addressing news and media literacy

Coaching and Support

Check out this getting started guide curated by SFUSD's Digital Learning Team to learn more about using Adobe Spark with your students.

Check out the digital creation tools webinar from SFUSD's Digital Learning Team to learn more about Adobe Spark and how you might use it in the classroom.

Have questions or need support? Submit a help ticket by visiting or by emailing