Other Google tools

Google tools with limited access

You can expand the sections below to learn more about access restrictions for these tools. Some tools are accessible by staff and some aren't available with district accounts. Please contact Help Desk with any questions.

Google Earth

Google Earth iconWhile staff may use Google Earth, this tool is not enabled for students at SFUSD due to privacy concerns and a student’s ability to unknowingly create and share personal and/or private, geo-specific information that is searchable on the Internet. Learn more about the Google Earth privacy policy and additional terms of service

Check out our Google Earth educator resources.

Alternatives to Google Earth for students:

  • Google Maps
  • Google My Maps

Google Photos

Google Photos iconGoogle Photos is not enabled for students at SFUSD due to the ability to share photos publicly with anyone in the world. Students can still view public albums and/or photos shared by staff members. NOTE: Without a signed opt-in form from a student's parents/guardians, no identifiable images may be posted publicly, which includes faces, names, work, and handwriting. For questions about sharing or posting images, please contact your site admin or the SFUSD Communications Department.

Alternatives to Google Photos:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Drawings

Google Voice

Google Voice iconGoogle Voice is not enabled at SFUSD because it is no longer a free service. Some SFUSD employees may still have a legacy number from when the service was free, but all new Voice numbers are now subject to billing from Google. Departments can request to have Google Voice numbers issued to specific staff members if the department is willing to pay for the service for those staff members. You can contact Help Desk to request Google Voice numbers, to find out about pricing, or to learn more about if Google Voice is the right solution for your staff.

Alternatives to Google Voice:

  • Google Meet
  • SFUSD phone system
    (several pilots in progress at the moment to test various systems)

Tour Creator

Tour Creator iconGoogle Tour Creator was a virtual reality tool used to build 360-degree tours, but it has been discontinued by Google as of June 30th, 2021.

There are no known alternatives to Tour Creator at this time.