Achievement Assessments - for Staff Only

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Welcome to the AAO Website! SFUSD Staff Only.

Questions? Come to AAO Office Hours - every Tuesday at 3:30 PM


The Achievement Assessments Office supports stakeholders in data-driven planning. We support:

  • teachers in administering assessments with fidelity, accessing assessment data, and analyzing assessment results
  • administrators in accessing assessment data to inform school level planning, resource management, and professional development design
  • families in accessing assessment results and taking action to support children at home

Assessments are an important part of California’s plan to provide high-quality teaching and learning to prepare all PreK–12 students to be college- and 21st-century career ready by graduation. In conjunction with class assignments and report cards, assessments provide teachers, schools, families with information on students' progress towards those goals.

A look inside a school, showing assessment and data in action.