School Information Sessions

School Information Sessions

School Information Sessions are 30 minute online meetings where families can learn about schools and meet the school community. During each School Info Session, schools will provide a short presentation of their programs, followed by questions and answers. 

The School Information Sessions have concluded. We will post the recordings of these sessions as they become available. 

UPDATE: The promo videos are now viewable. We will post the recordings of the sessions as they become available. Thank you for your patience! 

Schedule of School Information Sessions (All sessions are 30 minutes long)

Please find below: 

  • A short 5 minute video produced by each SFUSD school

  • The recording link to the information session (we will post them as they become available). 

Early Education Schools (Prekindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten, Out-of-School Time)

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SFUSD also has prekindergarten (PK) and transitional kindergarten (TK) programs at certain elementary and K-8 schools. 

School Name and Website

School Video

Recorded Info Session 

Argonne Early Education School

Argonne Early Ed Promo

Commodore Stockton Early Education School

Commodore Stockton Early Ed Promo

Commodore Stockton Recording
Jefferson Early Education School

Jefferson Early Ed Promo


John McLaren Early Education School

(online raffle participant)

John McLaren Early Ed Promo

Junipero Serra Annex Early Education School

Junipero Serra Annex Early Ed Promo

Las Americas Early Education School

Las Americas Promo


Leola Havard Early Education School

(online raffle participant)

Leola Havard Early Ed Promo

Leola Havard Recording 

Noriega Early Education School

Noriega Early Ed Promo

Noriega Early Ed Recording
Raphael Weill Early Education School

Raphael Weill Early Ed Promo

San Miguel Early Education School

San Miguel Promo

San Miguel Recording

Theresa U. Mahler Early Education School

Theresa Mahler Early Ed Promo


Tule Elk Early Education School

(online raffle participant)

Tule Elk Early Ed Promo

Zaida Rodriguez Early Education School

Zaida T Promo

Zaida T Recording 

Elementary and K-8 Schools

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This list includes schools that offer Prekindergarten (PK) and Transitional Kindergarten (TK).

School Name and Website

School Video

Recorded Info Session 

Alamo K-5 Alamo Promo Alamo Recording
Alvarado TK-5 Alvarado Promo  
Argonne K-5 Argonne Promo  
Bryant PK-5 Bryant Promo  
Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 BVHM Promo  

Carmichael, Bessie PK-8

Bessie Promo  
Carver, Dr. George Washington K-5

Carver Promo

Carver Teaser Video 

Chavez, Cesar PK-5 Chavez, Cesar Promo  
Chin, John Yehall K-5 Chin, John Yehall Promo Chin, John Yehall Recording
Chinese Immersion at De Avila K-5 Chinese Immersion @ De Avila Promo Chinese Immersion@De Avila Recording
Clarendon K-5 Clarendon Promo Clarendon Recording 
Cleveland K-5 Cleveland Promo

English Recording 

Spanish Recording 

Cobb, Dr. William L. PK-5 Cobb Promo  
Creative Arts Charter K-8 Creative Arts Charter Virtual Tour  
Dolores Huerta PK-5 Dolores Huerta Promo Dolores Huerta Recording

Drew, Dr. Charles PK-5

Drew, Charles Promo

Drew, Charles Teaser Video

El Dorado K-5 El Dorado Promo  
Feinstein K-5 Feinstein Promo  
Flynn, Leonard R. TK-5 Flynn Leonard Promo Flynn Recording 
Garfield K-5 Garfield Promo Garfield Recording
Glen Park K-5 Glen Park Promo Glen Park Recording
Grattan PK-5 Grattan Promo Recording Not Available 

Guadalupe PK-5

Guadalupe Promo  

Harte, Bret PK-5

Harte, Bret Promo

Harte, Bret Teaser Video

Harte, Bret Recording
Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy K-5 Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Promo Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Recording 
Hillcrest K-5 Hillcrest Promo  
Jefferson K-5 Jefferson Promo Jefferson Recording
Junipero Serra K-5 Junipero Serra Promo Junipero Serra Recording
Key, Francis Scott K-5 Key Francis Promo  
King, Thomas Starr PK-5 King Promo King Recording 
Lafayette PK-5 Lafayette Promo  
Lakeshore K-5 Lakeshore Promo Lakeshore Recording
Lau, Gordon J. PK-5 Lau Gordon Promo Lau, Gordon Recording 
Lawton Alternative K-8 Lawton Promo  
Lilienthal Alternative K-8 Lilienthal Promo Lilienthal Recording 
Longfellow K-5 Longfellow Promo  

Malcolm X Academy PK-5

Malcolm X Promo

Malcolm X Teaser Video

Marshall K-5 Marshall Promo  
McCoppin, Frank PK-5 McCoppin Frank Promo  
McKinley K-5 McKinley Promo  
Miraloma K-5 Miraloma Promo Miraloma Recording
Monroe K-5 Monroe Promo Monroe Recording 
Montessori, San Francisco PK-5 Montessori SF Promo  
Moscone, George / Las Americas Early Education School PK-5 Moscone/Las Americas Promo  
Muir, John PK-5 Muir, John Promo  
New Traditions K-5 New Traditions Promo  
Ortega PK-5 Ortega Promo Ortega Recording
Parker, Jean K-5 Parker, Jean Promo

English Recording 

Chinese Recording 

Peabody, George K-5 Peabody Promo Peabody Recording
Redding TK-5 Redding Promo  Redding Recording
Revere, Paul PK-8 Paul Revere Promo Paul Revere Recording
Rooftop Alternative PK-8 Rooftop Promo   
Rosa Parks / Raphael Weill Early Education School PK-5 Parks & Weill Promo  
San Francisco Community K-8 SF Community Promo SF Community Recording
Sanchez PK-5 Sanchez Promo  
Sheridan PK-5 Sheridan Promo  
Sherman K-5 Sherman Promo Sherman Recording
Sloat K-5 Sloat Promo  
Spring Valley K-5 Spring Valley Promo  
Stevenson TK-5 Stevenson Promo Stevenson Recording
Sunnyside K-5 Sunnyside Promo Sunnyside Recording
Sunset K-5 Sunset Promo  
Sutro K-5 Sutro Promo  
Taylor, E.R. PK-5 Taylor ER Promo Taylor ER Recording 

Tenderloin PK-5

Tenderloin Promo Tenderloin Recording 
Thomas Edison Charter Academy TK-8 Thomas Edison Tours  
The Mission Preparatory School K-8 Mission Preparatory Promo  
Ulloa K-5 Ulloa Promo

English Recording

Chinese Recording 

Visitacion Valley ES K-5 Vis Valley ES Promo Vis Valley Recording
Webster K-5 Webster Promo  
West Portal K-5 West Portal ES Promo West Portal ES Recording 
Yick Wo K-5 Yick Wo Promo  
Yu, Alice Fong K-8 Yu, Alice Fong Promo Yu, Alice Fong Recording 

Middle Schools

*Mobile users: Please scroll to see the rest of the table. 

School Name and Website

School Video

Recorded Info Session 

Aptos Aptos Promo  

Brown, Willie Jr.

(online raffle participant)

Brown Promo Brown Recording
Denman, James Denman Promo Denman Recording
Everett Everett Promo  
Francisco Francisco Promo Francisco Recording 
Gateway (Charter)    
Giannini, A.P. A.P. Promo  
Hoover, Herbert Hoover Promo  
KIPP Bayview 5-8 (Charter) KIPP Bayview Promo  
KIPP San Francisco Bay 5-8 (Charter)    
King, Martin Luther Jr. MLK Promo  
Lick, James Lick Promo  
Marina Marina Promo  
Presidio Presidio Promo Presidio Recording
Roosevelt Roosevelt Promo Roosevelt Recording
Visitacion Valley Vis Valley Promo  


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