Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Abraham Lincoln High School Alumni Association

Officers, 2017

Bill Mustanich , President, F’65

Brian Kneuker, Vice President, 2004

Jonathan Woo, Vice President, 2003

Shawn Yee, Treasurer, 2003

Open Position: Secretary


Shari Belisi, Principal

David Whitehead, Past President, ex-officio

William J. Mason, Immediate Past President, ex-officio

Toni (Veille) Alstad, Past President, ex-officio

Board of Directors 


Bill Mustanich, S’65

Jonathan Woo, S’03

Shawn Yee, S’03

Toni (Veille) Alstad, F’58


Dianne (DeLauff) Easton, F’59

Gary Simmons, S’58

Brian Kneuker, S'04

Brian Lowery, S'71


George Nazzal, S'74

Norm Sobel, S'58

Board Support

Gary Bader, F'58

Pat (Mather) Carson, S'61

Vicki Cero, S'62

Leanne Koh. S'03

Thomas Leung, S'07

June (Kren) Neuhaus, '43

Florence O’Malley, Retired Faculty

Jimmy O'Keefe, '56

Ron Pang, Retired Faculty

Judy (Banks) Simmons, S'63   

Jeff Stahl, S'56

Lorri Ungaretti, S'70

Edison Zhou, S'09

Lincoln Log

Gary Simmons, Editor, S'58